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September 20, 2001

Trent University School Year off to a Great Start

New success stories at Canada's Outstanding Small University

This month's successful school opening signifies the beginning of another academic year for thousands of new and returning Trent University students attending classes in Peterborough and Oshawa.

Trent University President Bonnie Patterson notes that unofficial enrollment projections to date forecast an increase in student enrollment. "The new and innovative Trent-Fleming Nursing Program is very popular and enhances our range of course offerings."

Patterson adds that approximately 100 students have enrolled in the program and that the province is praising the Trent-Fleming Nursing initiative as one of the leading models for other university-college partnerships. Final enrollment figures for all undergraduate and graduate programs will be available in early November. This year, 52 new graduate students have chosen Trent, bringing the total number of students pursuing Masters and PhD's to 208.

In addition to the nursing program, Trent will launch new Continuing Education non-credit courses to build stronger links with the community. President Patterson notes, "This plan will see the introduction of distinct university-inspired courses, taught by Trent faculty and members of the community, here on the Symons campus." The courses will be marketed as a unique university experience to those seeking a higher level of general interest learning. "Whether its archaeology or classic literature, we hope to offer cover a broad spectrum of interests to deliver Continuing Education with a difference," she said.

Award-winning research continues to be a cornerstone of Trent's activities. National media continue to express interest in Trent's Water Quality Research Centre and groundbreaking research being done here on pharmaceutical products in wastewater. Trent will continue to distinguish itself by providing a research-intensive environment for students at all levels. Efforts will be directed toward promoting this expertise in the media locally, regionally and nationally. A local ad campaign entitled "Look Who Chose Trent" is underway, profiling some of the 25 new faculty joining the university this year.

Trent University continues to offer popular degree programs at its Oshawa campus, the University Centre in Durham, having cultivated a loyal following of students during its 30-year presence in the Durham community. Working in concert with government and Durham College officials, Trent staff are participating in discussions about Trent's relationships with Durham College and the new Ontario Institute of Technology, announced in this year's provincial budget. A significant number of students residing in Durham also attend classes in Peterborough.

 Trent Fast Facts

Using 1999-00 dollars, Trent University contributes $126.2M to Peterborough and the surrounding areas in manufacturing, retail, primary, and knowledge intensive sectors.

Each off campus student contributes an average of $7,000 to the Peterborough economy during an eight-month academic year. In 1999-00 this amounted to an injection of approximately $27.6-milion into the Peterborough City and County economy. Enrollment growth will raise contributions to approximately $36-million.

Trent currently spends about $7-million each year in Peterborough City and County ­ this will grow to $9-million under the university's expansion plans.

An expansion valued at over $29-million on the Symons Campus will allow Trent to take an additional 1,295 students over the next five academic years. This represents a 31 per cent increase in enrollment over 1999-00 levels and will mean an additional $39.1-million to the Peterborough City and County economy, bringing our contribution up to $165.4 million.

In 1999-00 Trent University had 882 on-campus students at Symons Campus and 313 at the town colleges; 3,939 students lived off campus. Due to growth in student enrollment, off-campus students will number over 4,600 by 2003-04.

 The university will celebrate this September as it marks the touch down for its "Beyond the Walls" capital campaign. Among the $17-million campaign's accomplishments are the creation of 60 new scholarships and bursaries for students. A special celebratory event is being planned. Trent alumni continue to provide strong support to their alma mater and are active in the life of the university. The annual Head of the Trent Regatta is set for September 29-30. All community members are invited.

Capital development plans for the university continue to evolve including fund raising for the First Peoples House of Learning. "Trent University is committed to constructing a First Peoples House of Learning, distinctive in appearance and programming," emphasizes President Patterson. "Since the establishment of Native Studies at Trent in 1969, the program has continued to evolve. Trent was the first in Canada to offer a Native Studies honours program in 1979 and a PhD program in Native Studies in 1999." Patterson adds that Trent will build the best possible teaching and learning environment for the program and that a tremendous collaborative effort is unfolding to secure required funding and support.

Planning for Build 2000 projects continued throughout the summer months. While staff have been finalizing requirements and plans for Humanities and residence facilities, a summer sod turning ceremony marked the first steps to renovate and create new Science facilities. In 1999, the provincial government announced an investment of $26.23-million in funding under their SuperBuild Program.

President Patterson notes that the 2001-02 academic year represents an exciting time in the university's history. "I wish our new and returning students the best academic success," says Patterson. "With the support of our caring faculty and staff, and partners in the local community, I am confident that Trent University is moving forward and capitalizing on our reputation as Canada's outstanding small university."

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