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March 5, 2002

Applications to Trent Up

Growing enrolments also present financial challenges

The Office of the Registrar has confirmed that combined enrolment data for early March from the Ontario Universities Applications Centre and Trent University point to significant 25 per cent increases in applications to Trent since 2000.

Applications from Ontario high school students to Trent have increased 27 per cent and applications from students in high schools in other provinces (primarily British Columbia, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia) have increased 37 per cent. The number of students wishing to transfer to Trent from other post secondary institutions across Canada has increased by 19 per cent. Applications from International students are up 28 per cent.

Most significant are the major increases in first and second choice applications, particularly from Ontario high schools. First choice applications increased 43 per cent and second choice applications have increased by 22 per cent.

Susan Salusbury, Registrar for Trent University, notes that although there is an increase in the number of students applying to post secondary institutions in Ontario, the investments the university has made in recruitment efforts over the past four years are yielding impressive results. "Better publications, more recruitment activities and a comprehensive training program for our Liaison Officers are all enhancing Trent University's reputation in the eyes of our prospective students."

The university stresses that the enrolment numbers are preliminary and represent only applications that have been received to date. In the coming months, the university will focus its energies on converting applicants to registrants and continue its analysis of how the additional number of incoming students will impact the university's budget.

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