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A new leasing arrangement between Trent University and Master’s College and Seminary will provide a solution for the University to manage the peak enrolments associated with the double cohort beginning in 2003-04.

Evon Horton President of Master's College and Seminary said, "Peterborough has served our school well for many years. However, there is a need to be in a city that has a significant number of churches to give students hands on experience while they are training to be ministers and pastors. As a school that trains people to be ministers it is important students have opportunities to implement the principles of ministry they learn in the classroom in a church setting."

The Bible College, formerly known as Eastern Pentecostal Bible College has been going through a series of changes including a name change to Master's College and Seminary. Master’s began a process of articulating its Core Values. It was determined the best way to fulfill those Core Values was to relocate to an urban setting where more churches for students would be accessible.

Trent University President Bonnie Patterson stated that the University’s contingency plan had identified several space possibilities as practical options to accommodate the unprecedented double cohort growth, including the leasing of the Master’s College . "The lease will give Trent University access to high quality space that matches the needs of the University. The key benefit of the lease is the flexibility that the Master’s College agreed to incorporate into the structure of the lease, making this option financially viable for Trent. This temporary arrangement is a good fit for the University’s temporary needs and complements Trent’s other building program currently underway."

The four-year lease will allow the University to accommodate the increase in student population in very good facilities, with no obligations beyond the leasing period or additional major construction costs incurred by Trent University. This leasing period coincides with the greatest growth in the University’s history and concludes as enrolments are projected to decline. It also is in keeping with the University’s Capital Development Strategy that seeks to provide students with access to quality teaching facilities that are more cost effective as compared to some existing but ageing facilities. The lease provides an option for one-year renewal at the end of the leasing period subject to mutual agreement between Master's College and Seminary and Trent University.

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For more information contact:

Don Cumming, Senior Director, Public Affairs, Trent University, (705) 748-1011, ext. 1224


Shannon Potter, Vice President, Principal, Master’s College and Seminary, (905) 819-1936 ext 24

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