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Figures confirm university’s enrolment projections are on track

Applicant registration information released by the Ontario Universities Application Centre (OUAC) has confirmed that the number of applications by secondary school students to Trent University’s first year programs has increased by 133.6 per cent.

The numbers, sourced from the Ontario University Application Centre (OUAC), confirm that applications to Trent University for first year programs in the fall of 2003 have increased in all categories. First choice applications have increased by 54.5%. (This increase is in addition to the 40% jump in first choice applications last year.) Second choice applications are up 64.4%.

Commenting on the increases, Trent President and Vice Chancellor Bonnie Patterson said, "The increase in applications confirms the solid reputation of Trent’s programs and their appeal to prospective students. Given these numbers, the University’s double cohort planning and building programs will continue to remain top priorities and an important area of focus for our administration and faculty."

President Patterson emphasized that the University’s planning for the double cohort will continue as enrollments are projected to reach their peak in 2004/05. From this year’s group of Ontario high school students, it is expected that approximately 1500 will become students of Trent University, an increase of 25%.

To prepare for an influx of additional students, Trent University is constructing a new Science Facility and a new Integrated College with a 250-bed residence and a new First Peoples House of Learning. The University has also developed a staffing plan to recruit new faculty. In addition to the 26 new faculty hired for this academic year, Trent’s staffing plan will see the recruitment of 30 professors in 2003-04, and 20 more in 2004-05. Residence support systems have been revamped to address the needs of a younger double cohort and college dons have been provided with specialized training. Administration continues to identify new opportunities to improve services to students and is currently reviewing support staff requirements.

Patterson noted that although the government’s decision to provide full cost average funding is assisting to respond to the double cohort, there continue to be pressures on facilities. "Recent initiatives, such as the government’s third round of the SuperBuild program, will be vitally important to smaller institutions such as Trent," says Bonnie Patterson. "It is obvious that the effects of the double cohort are not confined to universities in the GTA and that universities in smaller communities will continue to be impacted by the flow through of a larger cohort of students in the coming years."

The OUAC reports that total secondary school applications to all universities are up 32,363 or 46.7 per cent from 2002. A total of 11,583 applications to Trent were received by January 15. In the coming months, the University will focus its efforts on converting these applicants into registrants for the next academic year.


For more information, please contact:
Susan Salusbury, registrar, Trent University at 748-1011 ext. 1677
Allan Barnfield, assistant registrar, Trent University at 748-1011 ext. 1679

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