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Distinguished photographer, scientist, physician, astronaut to serve as 9th Chancellor (Peterborough)

The Senate of Trent University is pleased to announce its unanimous decision to approve the appointment of Dr. Roberta Bondar as Trent University’s ninth Chancellor.

"I am very pleased to accept the role of Chancellor at Trent University," said Dr. Bondar. "In all my endeavours and travels, I have come to value how my educational experiences at the undergraduate and graduate levels have helped me to understand our world and shape me as an individual. The unique educational experiences offered at Trent, with its emphasis on the arts and sciences, combined with a strong research focus, help to distinguish the University. The University is producing graduates in a variety of sectors who are critical thinkers, lifelong learners and well-rounded citizens who contribute to our communities. Trent also has a tremendous expertise in environmental education and I am very pleased to be associated with a university renowned for its environmental science programs."

Commenting on the appointment, Trent University President and Vice Chancellor Bonnie Patterson emphasized that, "The University is honoured to have such an accomplished Canadian in this leadership position. We are fortunate to have a nationally recognized hero such as Dr. Bondar serve as Chancellor and to have her affiliated with the teaching and research excellence at Trent University. Dr. Bondar’s appointment continues a long line of distinguished Canadians who have served as Chancellor. Just as each Chancellor has made special connections with the University community I have no doubt that Dr. Bondar’s contributions will leave a lasting legacy."

Dr. Bondar is an exceptionally qualified candidate to serve as Chancellor. She is a neurologist, scientist, pilot and astronaut who holds the NASA Space Medal. She is also an Officer of the Order of Canada and a laureate of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame. As an advocate for environmental protection she has had the rare opportunity to view the earth from space. Science and photography have always been linked to Dr. Bondar’s life, and it was natural that one of Bondar’s assignments aboard the space shuttle Discovery in 1992 was to take photographs of Earth.

Her scientific career began in high school in Sault Ste. Marie. Using her camera in support of her studies, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture and zoology from the University of Guelph, and developed new techniques for photomicroscopy while pursuing a master’s degree in experimental pathology at the University of Western Ontario. She completed her doctorate in neurobiology at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Bondar earned her medical degree at McMaster University with a special interest in space medicine. After completing her board certification in neurology, she studied at Tufts New England Medical Centre in Boston, specializing in neurophthalmology - how we see and record the world around us.

She studied professional nature photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography in California. In 1984, she was one of the six original Canadian astronauts selected to train at NASA. In January 1992 Bondar was launched into space aboard the NASA space shuttle Discovery and became the first Canadian woman to fly in space. In her role as an international payload specialist she conducted life and material science experiments in space, becoming the world’s first neurologist in space.

Reid Morden, Chair of the Board of Governors, welcomed the news of Dr. Bondar’s appointment by the Senate. "To have a scholar of Dr. Bondar’s reputation affiliated with Trent is a privilege. Her role as an accomplished photographic artist, academic and internationally recognized scientist will prove invaluable to our students, faculty and staff. On behalf of our Board, I would like to issue Dr. Bondar a warm welcome to our University."

Trent University is Canada’s Outstanding Small University. Founded in 1964, it is consistently one of the highest-ranked undergraduate universities in Canada and offers a wide range of traditional and inter-disciplinary programs in the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences. Trent is renowned for its commitment to the success of the individual student, its excellent instructor-to-student ratios, its award-winning faculty and ground-breaking research projects. Over 6410 students are enrolled at Trent and the University employs 323 faculty and 426 staff.

Special Note to Media:
To assist media coverage of this announcement enclosed you will find:

  • A condensed biography of Dr. Bondar from her Web site
  • A listing of Trent University’s past Chancellors
  • A JPEG image of Dr. Bondar is available upon request from the Communications Office

Media requesting interviews are asked to contact:
Don Cumming, Senior Director, Public Affairs, (705) 748-1011, ext. 1224


F.R.C.P. Neurology, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
M.D. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
Ph.D. Neurobiology, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
M.Sc. Experimental Pathology, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
B.Sc.(Agr.) Zoology and Agriculture, University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario
Postgraduate Fellow, Tuft's New England Medical Center, Boston, Ma
Honors, Professional Nature Photography, Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, Ca

Officer of the Order of Canada
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame
F.R.S.C., Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
The Order of Ontario

D.Sc. Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
D.Sc. University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba
D.Sc. Niagara University, Niagara Falls, New York
D.Sc. The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
D.Sc. University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec
L.L.D. University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, P.E.I.
D.Sc. Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario
D.Sc. Laval University, Quebec City, Quebec
D.Sc. Memorial University, St. John's, Newfoundland
D.Sc. Royal Roads Military College, Victoria, British Columbia
D.S.L. Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, Ontario
D.Sc. York University, Toronto, Ontario
D.Sc. McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
D.Sc. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
D.U. University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
L.L.D. University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
L.L.D. University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan
D.Sc. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
D.Sc. Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
D.Sc. Algoma College, Laurentian University, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
D.Sc. Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario
D.Sc. University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario
D.Hum.L. Mount St. Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia
D.Sc. Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick
Honorary Fellowship, Ryerson University, Toronto

Canadian Federation of University Women
Girl Guides of Canada
L'Association des Méedecins de Langue Française du Canada
Science North, Sudbury, Ontario
Zonta International
Hamilton Academy of Medicine

Passionate Vision: Discovering Canada’s National Parks, Forward by The Rt. Hon. Pierre Elliott Trudeau. Essays by Dr. Roberta Bondar and Ann Thomas, Curator of Photographs, National Gallery of Canada. Publisher: Douglas and McIntyre, Vancouver/Toronto, 2000
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Roberta Bondar's website:

Chancellors of Trent University

Leslie M. Frost, 1967-73
Eugene Forsey, 1973-77
William L. Morton, 1977-80
Margaret Laurence, 1981-83
John J. Robinette, 1984-87
F. Kenneth Hare, 1988-95
Mary May Simon, 1995-99
Peter John Gzowski, 1999-2002

Canadian Who’s Who Biography
Dr. Roberta Lynn Bondar,
OC, O. Ont., MD, PhD, FRCP ( C ) , FRSCAstronaut; b. Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. 4 Dec. 1945; e. Univ. of Guelph B.Sc. 1968; Univ. of Western Ont. M. Sc. 1971; Univ. of Toronto Ph.D. 1974; McMaster Univ. M.D. 1977; Univ. of Western Ont. F.R.C.P. ( C ) 1981; D.Sc. (Hon.): Mt. Allison Univ., 1989, Univ. of Guelph 1990, Lakehead Univ. 1991, Algoma Coll., Laurentian Univ. 1992, Univ. of Toronto 1992, McGill Univ. 1992, York Univ. 1992, Royal Roads Military College 1993, Memorial Univ. 1993, Laval Univ. 1993, Carleton Univ. 1993, Univ. of Montreal 1994, Univ. of PEI 1994, Univ. of Western Ont. 1995, Niagara Univ. 1997, Univ. of Winnipeg 2001; D. Hum. L (Hon.); Mount St. Vincent Univ. 1990, D.C. (Hon.) Univ. Of Ottawa 1992, D.S.L. (Hon.); Wycliffe College, Univ. of Toronto 1993, Fellow, Ryerson Polytechnical Instit. 1990; Officer, Order of Canada 1992; Order of Ontario 1993; Specially Elected Fellow, Royal Soc. Of Canada 1999; several high sch. Awards; Fellowships: Ont. Grad. 1970-71, N.R.C. scholarship 1971-73, N.R.C. postdoctoral fellowship 1974, Ont. Min. of Health 1981, Med. Rsch. Counc. 1981-82, Wm. A. Vanderburgh, St. Travel Award 1976; ASTRONAUT, CANADIAN ASTRONAUT PROGRAM 1984-92; First Cdn. Woman astronaut in space 22 Jan. 1992; Prime Payload Specialist for STS-42, IML-I (First Internat. Microgravity Lab Mission) 1990-92; Bd. Of Dirs, Internat. Space Univ., Canada 1987-92 (ex-officio); Mem. Scientific Advisory Panel, Premier’s Council on Science & Technology 1988-89; Bd. Of Trustees, Nat. Museum of Sci. and Tech. 1990-93; Bd. Of Regents, Sports Medicine Council of Canada 1992-93; Mem., Public Advisory Ctte. On State of the Environment Reporting 1992-95; Adv. Bd., Order of Canada (Gov. Gen’s representative) 1993-94; Consultant, Order of Canada nomination 1995-98; Sr. Advisor, Royal Comm. On Education, Prov. Of Ontario 1993-95; Rsch. Asst., Dept. of Fisheries and Forestry 1963-68; Coach, Archery Team and Phys. Ed. Lectr., Univ. of Guelph 1966-67), Histology Tech. (part-time) Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of Guelph 1967-68; Teaching Asst., Univ. of Toronto 1970-74; Intern, Toronto Gn. Hosp. 1977-78; Resident, Univ. of Western Ont. 1978-80; Neuro-ophthalmology Fellow, Tuft’s New England Med. Ctr. 1981; Toronto Western Hosp. 1981-82; Asst. Prof., McMaster Univ. 1982-84; Dir., Multiple Sclerosis Clinic, Hamilton-Wentworth Region 1982-84; Asst. Prof., Dept. of Medicine, Div. Of Neurology, Ottawa Gen. Hosp., Ottawa, Ont. 1985-88; Lectr., Dept. of Nursing, Univ. of Ottawa, Ont. 1985-88; Chrmn., Cdn. Life Sciences Ctte. For Space Station, Nat. Rsch. Council of Canada 1985-89; Civil Aviation Medical Examiner, Health and Welfare, Canada 1986-93; Rsch. Fellow, Playfair Inst. Oculomotor Lab., Toronto Western Hosp., 1989; Life Sciences Representative, Cdn. Adv. Council on the Scientific Utilization of Space Station 1986-88; Lectr., Dept. of Nat’l Defence Flight Surgeon course, Biomedical Aspects of Space Flight 1986-92; Scientific Staff, Sunnybrook Medical Centre 1988-93; Payload Specialist Candidate for the First Internat. Microgravity Lab Shuttle Flight (IML-1) 1989-90; Prime Payload Specialist for the First Internat. Microgravity Lab. Shuttle Flight (IML-1) 1989-90; Prime Payload Specialist for the First Internat. Microgravity Lab. Shuttle Flight (IML-1) 1989-90; Prime Payload Specialist for the First Internat. Microgravity Lab. Shuttle Flight (IML-1); 1990-92; Adjunct Prof., Dept. of Biology, Univ. of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 1993-95; Visiting Distinquished Fellow, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster Univ. 1993-94; Visiting Rsch. Scientist, Universities Space Rsch. Assn., Johnson Space Centre, Houston, Texas 1993-95; Visiting Disting. Prof., Faculty of Kinesiology, Univ. of Western Ont. 1994-96; Chair, Friends of the Environment Found. 1993-96; CIBC Disting. Prof., Faculty of Kinesiology 1996-98; lectures: James. S. Simpson Mem. Lectre., St. Joseph’s Health Ctr. 1984; Elizabeth Bagshaw Mem. Lectr., Hamilton Acad. Of Med. 1985; Aaron Brown Lectr., Phi Delta Epsilon Med. Fraaternity, Univ. of Toronto 1987; Royal Coll. Lectr., Royal Coll. Of Phys. And Surg. Of Canada 1991-93; Synder Lectr., Erindale Coll., Univ. of Toronto 1992; Riley-Jeffs Lecture, Cdn. Assn. Of Dieticians 1993; Herbert and Angela Bruce Lecture, Wellesley Hosp. 1993; Royal College Lecture, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada 1993; Harry D. Armstrong Lecture, Aerospace Medical Assn. 1993; Jasper Lecture, Cdn. Assn. For Neurosciences 1993; Jasper Lecture, Cdn. Assn. For Neurosciences 1993; Henry Marshall Tory Lecture, Univ. of Alta. 1994; Guest Speaker, Sask. Prayer Breakfast Regina 1994; Lynda Shaw Meml. Lecture, Unv. Of Western Ont. 1994; Shewfelt Lecture in the Sciences, Albert Coll., Belleville, Ont.; Watts Lecture, Scarborough Campus, Univ. of Toronto; recipient: Career Scientist Award, Prov. Min. of Health 1982-83; Spec. Achievement Award, Woman of the Year Awards 1984; Vanier Award, Jaycees 1985; Co-recipient F.W. (Casey) Baldwin Award, Cdn. Aeronautics & Space Inst. 1985; Presidential Citation of Honour, Alabam Agric. And Mech. Univ. 1990; William R. Franks M.D. Award, Cdn. Soc. Of Aerospace Medicine 1990; Sault Ste. Marie Medal Merit 1991; MacLachlan Coll. & Prep. School. Proud to be Canadian Medal, Canada 125, Oakville, Ont. 1992; Paul Harris Recognition Award (1992) Rotary Club of Ancaster; Presidential Citation, Am. Acad. of Neurology 1992; Hubertus Strughold Award, Space Medicine Branch, Aerospace Med. Assn. 1992; NASA Space Medal 1992; Award of Merit, Univ. of Western Ont. Alumni 1992; La Personalite de l’Annee 1992, La Presse; Medaille de L’Excellence, L’Association des Meddiecins de Langue Francaise du Canada 1992; President’s Award, The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ont. 1992; Alumnus of the Year, Univ. of Western Ont., 1992; Canada 125 Medal 1992; Kurt Hahn Award, Outward Bound Canada 1993, YWCA Woman of Distinction Award, Prince Albert Sask. 1993; Outstanding Cdn., Armenian Community Centre of Toronto 1993; Alumnus of the Year, Univ. of Guelph 1993; Inductee, Hamilton Gall. Of Distinction 1993; Community & Leadership Award, Toastmasters Distinction Dist. 60 1994; Secretary, Cdn. Soc. Of Aviation Med. 1984-85 (Treat. 1983-84); Hon. Life Mem., Cdn Fedn. Of Univ. Women 1985; Hon. Life Mem., Girl Guides of Canada 1986; Hon. Patron, Yhoung Scientists of Canada 1987; Hon. Life Mem., Fed. Of Medical Women of Canada 1991; Hon. Patron, Cdn. Federation of Business and Prof. Women’s Clubs 1992-96; Hon. Mem., Algoma West Acad. Of Medicine 1992; Hon. Chairperson, Parkinson Found. Of Canada 1992-93; Hon. Mem., The Dominion of Canada Rifle Assn. 1992; Hon. Patron, Mission Air Transp. Network 1992-96; Hon. Life Mem., Science North 1992; Mem. Hon. L’Assn. Des Medecins de Langue Francaise du Canada 1992; Hon. Dir., Cdn. Space & Tech. Centre, London 1993; Hon. Life Mem., Zonta Internat. 1993; Hon. Event Dir., Guelph ’93, Internat. Camp, Girl Guides of Canada 1993; Hon. Dir., Save Our North Atlantic Resources 1993; Hon. Patron, The Aphasia Centre, North York, Ont. 1993-95; Hon. Chairperson, Cdn. Coalition for Quality Daily Physical Education 1993-96; Hon. Mem., Bootmakers of Canada (Sherlock Holmes Soc.) 1993; Exec. Council, The Lung Assn. 1993; Hon. Patron, Can. Bushplane Heritage Centre 1993-96; Hon. Chair, Women’s Soccer Competition, World Student Games 1993; Hon. Chair, 24-Hour Relay for Health, Chedoke-McMaster Hosp. Found. 1993; Hon. Colonel, 22 Wing, Cdn. Armed Forces, Hornell Heights, Ont. 1993-96; Hon. Patron, Ont. Parks Assn. 1993; Hon. Patron: Earth Observation Theatre, Fort Whyte Centre, Winnipeg, Man. 1994; Trinity Coll. Sch., Toronto 1994; Youth Science Found. 1994; Hon. Patron, Multicultural Alliance to Promote Literacy (MAPLE) Montreal 1995-96; Hon. Chair, Cdn. Nat. Marsville Prog., Ont. Science Centre 1995; Hon. Patron, 1995 Internat. Math. Olympiad; Life Mem., Hamilton Acad. Of Med.; mem. Am. Acad. Of Neurology; Cdn. Neurological Soc.; Cdn. Aeronautics & Space Inst.; Coll. Of Physicians & Surgeons of Ont.; Aerospace Med. Assoc.; Cdn. Soc. Of Aerospace Medicine; Cdn. Fed. Of Univ. Women; Alburquerque Aerostat Asension Assoc.; Am. Soc. For Gravitational & Space Biology; Fed. of Med. Women of Canada; Assn. Of Space Explorers; Cdn. Medical Protective Assn.; Royal Coll. Of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada; Cdn. Assn. Of Sports Medicine; Cdn. Medical Protective Assn.; author Touching the Earth 1994, Passionate Vision 2000 and numerous scholarly articles, papers, and public presentations; photography exhibits (solo); Passionate Vision: Discovering Canada’s National Parks Cdn. Museum of Nature 2000, Royal Ont. Museum 2001, London Historic & Regional Art Museum 2001, Art Gall. Of Algoma 2001; (group): Beauty of Another Order: Photgography in Science National Art Gallery 1997; Heaven and Earth Grimsby Art Gallery 2001; languages spoken and written: English, French. Web:

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