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1,890 applications received to date for Trent’s teacher education program

Indicators Report

A review of university indicators for 2001-02 confirmed that in 2001 81 per cent of classes at Trent were in the one to 25 class size range, that seven of 10 first year classes were taught by tenured faculty, and that Trent researchers rank among nation's best for winning research grants.

The university’s indicators report is an annual study of student attainment, teaching and faculty research, enrolment, the supporting environment, financial indicators, and the Maclean’s survey.

The study confirmed that eight out of every 10 first and second year classes at Trent are in the one to 25 class size range. Trent continues to provide students with access to high quality academics at the undergraduate level. Whereas seven out of 10 first year classes were taught by tenured faculty in 2000-01, this figure climbed to eight out of 10 in 2001-02.

Trent faculty continues to outperform all other primarily undergraduate universities in research awards. On a per capital basis Trent University ranks number four in Canada in wining research grant awards per full time faculty members. The average grant per faculty award increased from approximately $47,000 in 2000-01 to $57,000 in 2001-02, an increase of 21 per cent.

Presidential Review

Approved, a report outlining the process for an advisory committee to provide advice to the Executive Committee of the Board about a presidential mandate for five years, beginning July 1, 2004. Members on the committee include: L. McDonald (Board); D. Young (Board); T. Tremain (Board); K. Ramsay (Alumni); Professor D. Glassco (Faculty); G. Easson (Staff); M. Izzo (Student); Faculty Senate rep (TBD); Student Senate rep (TBD); N. Smith (Secretary). The committee is expected to complete their work by May and report by June.

Build 2000 Update

Sally Young, Vice President, Administration delivered a power point presentation to Board members highlighting the construction progress for both the Science Facility and the Integrated College/First Peoples House of Learning and the status of the overall project management.

She noted a number of key milestones that have been achieved for both projects including the role that the university’s project manager has played to find significant savings in project costs and how the university’s contractor was using local trades wherever possible. Vice President Young confirmed that both projects and the renovations to the science building are on target for September, 2003.

An overview of construction of parking lots, roadways and sidewalks was provided. The Board was advised that 400 new parking spaces were being created. It was noted that Ron Thom’s original design for light standards used on the West Bank is being used to manufacture 28 new light standards for installation on the East Bank, adding to safety and security, and consistency in design.

Enrollment Report

Graham Taylor, Vice President Academic advised the Board that enrolment was up 15 per cent from the previous year. The number of new students (OACs) increased by 35 per cent, Canadian transfers increased by 28 per cent, and international students increased 16 per cent from the previous year. The report noted 67 per cent of Trent students are female and that there was a 14 per cent increase in the number of first year students enrolling at Trent who achieved an 80-100 per cent average upon graduation from high school.

Chair’s Remarks

Board Chair Reid Morden advised the Board that the Board Leadership Scholarship had raised $29,000 to date.

President’s Report

President and Vice Chancellor Bonnie Patterson provided Board members with updated news on recent university business.

Canada Research Chairs

Patterson noted that the university was informed that it had been awarded its ninth Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) - Junior Canada Research Chair, based on the university’s highly successful research performance. As well, one existing Junior CRC at Trent has been converted to a Senior CRC position. The university has also begun a process to identify an alternative candidate to succeed Professor Don McKay at the Environmental Modeling Centre.


The President noted that two new emphasis programs had recently been approved at Senate – the Food and Agriculture emphasis associated with Environmental Natural Sciences and Medieval and Renaissance Studies. The President also advised the Board that Senate passed two motions seeking investments in the university’s library and information technology infrastructure.


Plans for enrolment growth in the coming years were reviewed. It was noted that final application results would be assessed in late January. The President emphasized that it remains to be determined whether the 2004-05 projected enrolment increases will be realized a year earlier than anticipated and that it is unknown how many of the 6,300 additional students in the provincial system will enroll one year in advance. She highlighted the recent issue of high school students who have not completed their community service course requirements and suggested that it is unclear if some students’ graduations may be affected. The President noted that to date applications have increased by 400 compared to last year.

Teacher Education and Professional Learning

The cut off date for applications to Trent’s School of Teacher Education and Professional Learning is December 2. The President confirmed that as of November 28 1,890 applications had been received for 115 full time and 40 part time spaces.

Chancellor and Staff/Faculty Recruitment - Update

The search for a new Chancellor continues with many nominations having been received. A list of candidates will be forwarded to the January meeting of Senate.

Competitions for the Vice President, Academic, the Trent International Program Coordinator, and an Information Technology Coordinator are underway with the assistance of an executive search firm. A review of the Chief Librarian position is underway and three college master positions will be filled in the coming year. President Patterson confirmed that the term for Chris Metcalfe, Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, was extended by one year.

Applied Degree

The President reported that Sir Sandford Fleming College’s applied degree in Environmental Risk Management has received ministry approval with Trent University delivering a percentage of the degree content.


It was reported that the Association of Universities and Colleges Canada had issued a news release in response to the Romanow report on health care. In their release, AUCC stated, "AUCC is pleased that, in recommending a new and increased federal transfer for health care, the Romanow report also stresses the need to ensure that postsecondary education receive sufficient funding. The report points out that, deficits in health care funding should not be addressed at the expense of postsecondary education, and recognizes that investments that improve the level of education and reduce income disparities "can often have a significant long-term impact on the health of the population, thereby ultimately reducing health care costs."

The President advised the Board that she has agreed to serve as one of four Canadian university representatives on the executive of the AUCC.

Fundraising Council

Dan Coholan provided the Board with an update on the council’s activities including two council meetings and the successful ‘Trent on Bay Street’ alumni event. The council will continue to focus, organize and execute its fundraising plans and is seeking three to four additional council members who can assist with outreach to various industries related to Trent’s research activities, including pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Special reference was made of the commitment made by council members to contribute $100,000 to the overall fundraising efforts, as a sign of their leadership commitment to raise $3.6 million.

Financial Statements and Actuarial Valuations

Financial statements and actuarial valuations were approved for the following groups:

  • Financial Statements of the Contributory Pension Plan for Employees Represented by OPSEU local 365 and Exempt Administrative Staff of Trent University, June 30, 2002
  • Financial Statements of the Contributory Pension Plan for TUFA Employees of Trent University, June 30, 2002
  • Actuarial Report, the Contributory Pension Plan for Employees Represented by OPSEU Local 365 and Exempt Administrative Staff of Trent University as of July 1, 2002
  • Actuarial Report, the Contributory Pension Plan for TUFA Employees of Trent University as of July 1, 2002

The reports note that the plans are in a surplus situation, are fully funded and healthy. However, it was noted that the declines in the stock market have reduced the surplus. The Board was reminded that any surplus is kept in the plans and are not used to subsidize the university’s operations.

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For more information about Key Performance Indicators contact:Chris Michael, Coordinator, Institutional Research and Planning, (705) 748-1011, ext. 1028 orDon Cumming, Senior Director, Public Affairs, (705) 748-1011, ext. 1224.



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