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TCCBE: Connecting with the community

Tucked away in the former principal’s lodge at Traill College is a small staff of people brimming with enthusiasm and energy. Their goal is to connect Trent students to community-based research, linking meaningful local research projects to the Trent experience.

Jennifer Bowe, director of the Trent Centre for Community-Based Education (TCCBE), explains that the organization was founded on principles derived from a holistic approach to development. The idea was that sustainable community development should encompass issues related to the environment, the economy and equitable social change. By linking Trent students and researchers to the needs of local community groups and not-for-profit organizations, the TCCBE attempts to bridge those issues.

Over the past few years students participating in TCCBE programs has increased substantially, and approximately 65 students were involved in community-based research last year. Projects range from assessing programs to compiling historical information.

"This is an exciting way to demonstrate the value of a liberal arts and science education," says Jennifer. "It is hands-on work and benefits both the student and the organization. As well, students really like it. They like getting into the community and knowing someone will be able to use their work."

For more information about the Trent Centre for Community-Based Education, please feel free to call Jennifer at 743-0523, or visit www.trentu.ca/tccbe.

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