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Introductory Seminar Week: A Great Start for First-year Students

Introductory seminar week, which ran from September 2 – 8, was a great success and has provided a positive base of experience for first-year students as they begin the 2002/03 academic year.

A mix of events, activities, and seminars, Introductory Seminar Week is unique to Trent University. First-year students have a unique opportunity to sample classes before making their course selections and often report that the introductory seminars were integral to their final course decisions - and have even inspired them to change their major.

"It has been a fabulous week," Co-ordinator of Student Programs Jeanne Lynch said enthusiastically on Friday, September 6.

Intro-week staff echoed Jeanne's sentiments. At week's end Traill College co-chair Bryan Henderson commented that the week had been "awesome" and "amazing." He also felt that "the whole process is great. All of the first-year kids are having such a great time. They all have smiles on their faces and are getting involved. It really makes a difference. In my first year, intro-week really made my year and I think it's great to support your college and residence."

Otonabee College co-chair Andrea Carter was enthusiastic, also: "The first years are really cool and the week went really well, and it's all because of Jeanne," she said with a smile as she wrapped her arm around Jeanne's shoulders.

Meri Kim Oliver, Senior Director of Student Affairs and Community Partnerships, agreed: "Everything has gone very well. We’ve had positive feedback and there have been no incidents. The first major pubs held this week went well and the large number of underage students hasn’t affected or hampered involvement," she said.

The Office of Student Affairs was pleased to see first-year students settle into residences for introductory seminar week, and was able to deal effectively with the housing crunch that occurred as a result of the increase in student numbers this year. Extra residence space was created by re-working existing residences and a wing was also opened for Trent students at Master’s College & Seminary (formerly Eastern Pentecostal Bible College).

"We also offered crash space this year, for the first time, for students who showed up and had no place to stay. Five women and three men used this space, which consisted of space in a lounge that could be locked and was very secure. The women were in one lounge and men in another. This meant the students could look for accommodation downtown without paying for a hotel room," explains Ms. Oliver, who is happy with the overall housing picture and how students are settling in.

Student highlights for the week included numerous college events, the Great Race on Thursday, September 5, and a carnival at Traill College on Friday, September 6. Energy was high at these events and reflective of the positive atmosphere which pervaded the week.

Photo 1: Enthusiastic first-year Lady Eaton College students at the Great Race on Thursday, September 5. Left to right: Ashley Ylitalo, Connor Marsh, Brayden Hamilton-Smith, Noal Davies and Andrew Fhito.

Photo 2: Amiga Katrina Prodan gets 'pied' by one of her amigees at a carnival held at Traill College on Friday, September 6. Other events at the carnival included a dunk tank, basketball toss and live music.

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