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Out on the field, river, track...
Training fervor hits hundreds of varsity athletes

On the weekend of September 14 & 15, just over 270 Trent varsity athletes were hard at work. Some were competing, some were training, and all were representing the University in fine form.

Athletics Director Bill Byrick is enthusiastic about the number of varsity athletes this year and the level of play that is evolving. "I am very pleased," he says, "and, for the rest of September and October, it just gets better. Weekends are stacked with events."

Teams currently engaged in competition and active training include men's and women's rugby, men's and women's soccer, cross-country, rowing, women's field hockey, swimming and fencing. As well, try-outs for the women's volleyball team were held on Tuesday, September 17.

In addition to varsity action, the weekend of September 14 & 15 also saw the first campus recreation event of the year take place. A beach volleyball tournament was held in the outdoor courts by Blackburn Hall, and 13 teams (involving approximately 60 people) participated.

"We will soon be posting varsity games and events on the sign at the Trent entrance," says Bill. Just as you enter the Symons' campus, on the west side of the river, look for the sign that usually conveys conference information. All events and games are open to interested spectators and support for Trent teams would be welcome.

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