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Playing with blades:
Fencing popularity explodes with local youth

If you visit the Athletics Complex on Monday and Thursday evenings this fall, you may encounter a group of children thrusting sword-like blades at one another with glee and gusto.

For years the fencing program at Trent has been popular with Trent students, and the fencing team has represented the University well at numerous tournaments and events. It is now becoming apparent that the sport is also of interest to a younger set of participants and a program has been launched to offer fencing courses to children between the ages of nine and 12.

Last spring the first session was made available to the public, and the response was terrific. "There is huge, huge demand," enthuses Sports Camp director Bruce Emmerton. "We had some members of the fencing team come and participate in summer sports camp programs and realized the kids were really interested."

This fall, an eight-week program is currently underway, with classes at the beginner and intermediate levels. Participants are learning the basics of fencing, including terminology, footwork and the role of the three different blades. Members of the Trent fencing team are serving as instructors.

"The intent is to move to a club format if there is enough momentum," says Mr. Emmerton.
For more information about the junior fencing program, please call the Athletics Complex at 748-1257.

Posted October 24, 2002

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