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Trent University Awards Top Scholarships

Top Scholarships Awarded to Students in Toronto, Winnipeg, London and Peterborough

Trent University is pleased to announce that Christopher Ferguson-Martin, a Grant Park High School student from Winnipeg, Manitoba and Tarannum Syed, a student at Central Commerce Collegiate in Toronto have accepted the two Champlain Scholarships to attend Trent University in the upcoming academic year.

The Champlain Scholarship, valued at $20,000 over four years, is Trent University's most prestigious scholarship. It is awarded to students entering their first year of study at Trent, and recognizes exceptionally high academic achievement and promise. Only two Champlain Scholarships are awarded yearly.

Chris Ferguson-Martin comes to Trent with an average in the high-nineties. Throughout his four years at Grant Park, he has always achieved high academic standing while participating in many extra-curricular activities, including being involved with the Manitoba School Improvement Program. Mr. Ferguson-Martin is also a top athlete; his primary sport is volleyball and he has led many teams to city championship titles. Through his studies at Trent he is hoping to pursue his dream job in International and Human Rights Law.

"My goal is to go beyond these borders, touching the world on an international scale," wrote Mr. Ferguson-Martin in his scholarship application. "It is my hope that I may one day have a profoundly positive effect on the world."

Tarannum Syed comes to Trent with an average in the very high-nineties, looking to pursue a career in medical science either as a doctor or as a researcher dedicated to finding cures for serious medial illnesses. With her interest in medicine, Ms. Syed is an avid volunteer, completing over 1,000 hours of service with Thunder Bay Regional Health Centre. Upon moving to Toronto for her final year of high school, she became a volunteer at Sick Kids Hospital and she has just been awarded a coveted summer internship with Dr. Sophie Jamal at St. Michael's Hospital.

At Central Commerce Collegiate, Ms. Syed is the elected President of the Student Council and the Editor-in-Chief of the Yearbook Committee. Outside of school, she is an accomplished actress, dancer, and musician.

"Overall, I have always strived and continue to strive to be a well-rounded individual who demonstrates exceptional qualities of good citizenship," wrote Ms. Syed in her scholarship application. "The knowledge that I have gathered over the past few years and the experiences that I have had have been substantial and I believe that they will be a huge asset to me in my years to come."

Another prestigious scholarship, the Board of Governors' Leadership Scholarship, has been awarded to Stephen Benaway, an A.B. Lucas Secondary School student from London, Ontario.

The Board of Governors' Leadership Scholarship is valued at $18,000 over four years. It is awarded to a student entering their first year of study at Trent, who has a high academic standing and has shown outstanding leadership and involvement in his/her community.
In addition to an impressive academic average in the nineties, Mr. Benaway is a true leader in his community. In his Grade 11 year, he designed and administered an anti-bullying survey to entering Grade 9 classes, the results of which were used to help guide administration's focus for the school year. He also advocated for and eventually created a gay and lesbian support group. For his contributions to school climate, Mr. Benaway was presented with the Violence Prevention Award from A.B. Lucas Secondary School in his Grade 12 year.

Outside of school, Mr. Benaway is dedicated to community service and support. He has taught math and English to non-verbal special needs adults and to adult native learners. His native heritage has also inspired him to work at Native cultural centres. In 2005 Mr. Benaway started his own business, counselling victims of sexual abuse, rape, bullying, and other traumatic events.

"Early in life, I learned that we create our own reality," wrote Mr. Benaway in his scholarship application. "I have faced more in my 18 years than most people will do in 100. However, I can honestly say that I am grateful for my experience. My gratitude has shaped me to have the professional and academic goals of learning better ways to share my story, because I believe the greatest gift I have to offer is myself."

Locally, students from PCVS, Holy Cross, and Lakefield District Secondary Schools have won and accepted three Trent University Special Admissions Scholarships, valued at $15,000 each.

Special Admissions Scholarships are awarded to students entering their first year of study at Trent. They recognize outstanding academic and extra-curricular achievement.

The local winner's of the Special Admissions Scholarships are as follows:

Earl SacreyEarl Sacrey, PCVS

Earl Sacrey comes to Trent with an academic average in the mid-nineties. Through Trent's Concurrent Education program, he is looking to pursue a career as a high-school Chemistry, English and Music teacher.

With an avid interest in student leadership, Mr. Sacrey has filled many positions on various councils and he is one of only two Peterborough students to attend the Canadian Student Leadership Conference. In addition to school, Mr. Sacrey is heavily involved in theatre as an actor, producer, stage manager, and musical director with more than ten shows. He spends his summers volunteering as a camp counsellor with the local YMCA.


Jonathan PintoJonathan Pinto, Holy Cross

Jonathan Pinto is a self described "political junkie"; as such, he is looking to Trent as a spring board into an academic career pursuing first an undergrad and then possibly a Masters and a Ph.D. in Canadian Studies.

Mr. Pinto is a top student at Holy Cross with an average in the nineties. He is also a devoted volunteer on many councils and committees, including the Peterborough Youth Council and Downtown Countdown, Peterborough's New Year's Eve festival. For his dedication, Mr. Pinto was awarded the City of Peterborough's first annual Male Youth Volunteer of the Year Award.


Brady GreenKenneth Brady Green, Lakefield

With an average in the mid-nineties, Brady Green comes to Trent to pursue a degree in biochemistry and molecular biology. His undergraduate degree will be his first step towards achieving his dream of becoming a medical doctor.

Committed to learning both inside and outside of the school environment, in addition to school work, Mr. Green works and volunteers with disabled people as well as at the Lakefield Animal Welfare Society. Mr. Green has also travelled to many parts of Canada and has learned, first-hand, about the many different cultures in this country.

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