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Peter Brieger Offers Investment Advice

Peter BriegerPeter Brieger, Report on Business TV commentator and Trent Board of Governors member, offered investment advice and explained the history of the markets in a special public lecture, "Clear or Stoney? The Markets – Not the Lakes," on Wednesday, November 30, 2005.

With the Bata Library Film Theatre filled to capacity with Business Administration students, faculty and members of the Peterborough community, Mr. Brieger advised investing in the stock market over the long-term as opposed to market timing – people who are at times 100 per cent invested in the stock market and other times are zero per cent invested.

"There is a fallacy to this," Mr. Brieger cautioned. "(As an investment advisor), if clients want this we tell them to go elsewhere."

"The moral of the story is: be a long-term investor," said Mr. Brieger. He advised that the majority of people's investments should be in high dividend stocks such as banks or insurance companies.

"That's where the long-term money is made."

Mr. Brieger also addressed issues facing today's markets such as energy, terrorism and the Canadian dollar. One of the most worrisome is a flu pandemic, said Mr. Brieger.

"Nesbitt Burns recently released a report which laid out the potential effects of a worldwide pandemic – frankly, it scared the hell out of me," he said. The effects of a global outbreak of avian flu on the world's economy could be devastating.

Energy is a favourite long-term topic for Mr. Brieger. Recently there has been a major change in the focus of the United States' energy policy, he said. The U.S. is shifting attention from the Middle East oil supplies to new untapped reserves off the west coast of Africa.

According to Mr. Brieger, "There is no shortage of oil in the world."

There is however a shortage of cheap oil, he said, referring to the easily-refined light, sweet crude oil.

He predicted the price range for oil will remain high at around $55 to $70 a barrel. As well there will be the development of additional refineries and the further development of Alberta's oil sands.

"The demand for energy from China is going to be insatiable," he said. China is already looking to Canada for oil, liquefied natural gas and coal, he added.

Student representatives from Trent's Business Administration program presented Mr. Brieger with a framed copy of the poster promoting his talk as a gesture of appreciation.

Mr. Brieger is chairman, CIO and a director of GlobeInvest Capital Management Inc. and GlobeInvest Funds Management Inc. He is an HBA graduate of the Richard Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario. He also holds a Chartered Financial Analyst's designation.

Photo: Peter Brieger received a framed copy of the poster promoting his talk at Trent University from representatives of the Business Administration program, Jennifer Lefort (right) and Kimberly Sanderson.

Posted December 2, 2005


































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