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Trent University Archives "documents the modern"

Later this week Trent University will be the site for Canada's first national conference on the conservation of twentieth century buildings and landscapes. In the meantime, on campus, Jodi Aoki and Dr. Bernadine Dodge of the Trent University Archives have been doing their part to "document the modern".

Authors of the newly published Bauhaus in the New World: Ron Thom at Trent University, Ms. Aoki and Ms. Dodge have created a 32-page booklet highlighting Mr. Thom's architectural legacy on the Symons Campus. It includes photographs chosen from among the hundreds that makeup the approximately six-cubic-foot collection housed at Trent. Though Mr. Thom's personal archive is housed at the University of Calgary, the Trent University Archives is home to the papers that pertain to his work on the Symons Campus.

An exhibit posted in the Virtual Lives section of the Archives' Web site, discusses in detail Mr. Thom's role as Master Planning Architect, and the origins of Champlain College, the Chemistry Building, Thomas J. Bata Library and Lady Eaton College. It also highlights many of the photographs and excerpts from documentation held as part of the collection. The on-line exhibit, Ron Thom at Trent University, Precambrian Sublime: Bauhaus in the New World, is posted at http://www.trentu.ca/library/archives/zthome.htm.

This on-line exhibit will be expanded as Ms. Aoki and Ms. Dodge prepare for an extensive display at "Conserving the Modern in Canada, Buildings, ensembles and sites: 1945-2005". The Archive's reading room will be converted for the conference and will feature a looping PowerPoint presentation, photographs, posters, architectural drawings and correspondence.

"The exhibit will be a nice chance for conference attendees to relax and circulate…a nice adjunct to actually walking around the buildings," says Ms. Dodge, adding that she thoroughly enjoys the study of modernism. "This is a nice opportunity to showcase the Archives with something I'm really interested in. I think it's incredible that we get to work at such a beautiful place."

"Conserving the modern in Canada" will focus on buildings, structures, districts, and landscapes constructed after 1945. The conference has been organized by Docomomo Canada-Ontario and the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation along with other allied organizations.

For more information or to order Bauhaus in the New World: Ron Thom at Trent University, visit http://www.trentu.ca/library/archives/weborders.htm.

Photo: Trent University Archives' Jodi Aoki and Dr. Bernadine Dodge with a display of chairs chosen for the campus by Ron Thom. The painting, also chosen by Mr. Thom is on display in the Special Collections and Rare Books Reading Room.

Posted May 5, 2005


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