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Join Trent at the Rae Review Town Hall: Nov. 22

Former Ontario Premier, the Honourable Bob Rae will be hosting a Town Hall meeting in Peterborough on November 22 as part of a series of consultation events across the province focusing on the postsecondary education system.

Trent University will be represented at the Town Hall meeting and encourages community members to take part in this Postsecondary Review process. The meeting takes place in the main cafeteria at Fleming College from 6 - 8 p.m.

Mr. Rae will host a total of 17 public town hall meetings at which Ontarians are encouraged to share their ideas and comment on his discussion paper Higher Expectations for Higher Education (http://www.raereview.on.ca/en/involved/workbook.asp?loc1=involved&loc2=workbook). Also on the Rae Review Web site, is an opportunity to read about discussions from previous Town Hall meetings in other Ontario cities (http://www.raereview.on.ca/en/feedback/townhalls.asp?loc1=feedback&loc2=townhalls).

"Trent looks forward to providing its input to Mr. Rae and his advisory panel," says President Bonnie Patterson. "The review is our opportunity as a university community and as Ontarians to shape the future of post-secondary education. We encourage members of the public to join us at the Town Hall meeting at Fleming College."

These are some of the things Mr. Rae has asked Ontarians to consider:
What's your vision of a learning province?
How would you improve the way the postsecondary system works?
Do colleges and universities have too much, or too little autonomy?
Are the pathways from high school to college and university clear enough?
Is quality improving or deteriorating?
How do we best fund the system to ensure both opportunity and excellence?

Background on the Postsecondary Review (from http://www.raereview.on.ca/en/what/default.asp?loc1=what)

The Postsecondary Review was announced by the government in Budget 2004 to review the design and funding of Ontario's postsecondary education system and recommend innovative ways in which our institutions can provide the best education to students and support Ontario's prosperity.

Former Premier, the Hon. Bob Rae is serving as Advisor to the Premier and Minister. Throughout the review process, he will be supported by a distinguished, seven-member advisory panel and will be delivering his recommendations to the Premier and the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities in early 2005.

This review provides an opportunity to articulate a vision for Ontario as a learning province. As part of the review process, the Advisor will engage Ontarians in discussions to help define higher expectations for our higher education system, and to develop a plan that gets us to a higher-quality, affordable and accountable postsecondary education system. The Review will focus on the opportunity for all Ontarians that higher education represents, as well as the need for us to allow both individuals and institutions to aspire to and achieve excellence.

For further information on the Postsecondary Review, visit www.raereview.on.ca or call 1-866-392-1261

Posted November 18, 2004

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