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Heather Howard-Bobiwash to speak on The Legacy of the "Ladies Auxiliary"

In a presentation titled The Legacy of the "Ladies Auxiliary:" Women's Strategic Alliances and Class Mobility in Building Toronto's Native Community, Heather Howard-Bobiwash will talk about the history of Native women's organizing at the Native Canadian Centre of Toronto, and in particular how they mobilized the resources of wealthy white women to fund the Centre. She examines the formation of a middle class in the Native community at this time, how these women differed from those allied with the mainstream white feminist movement of the time (1960s-1970s), and how they also contributed to ideas about Native cultural identity in the city. Her talk will be held in the Wilson Room in Kerr House, Traill College, October 12, 2004 starting at 1:15pm.

Heather Howard-Bobiwash is a Native Canadian scholar who recently received her PhD in Anthropology from Michigan State University. She works as a Research Associate, James McClurken and Associates, Ethnohistorical Consultants.

Her lecture is sponsored by the Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Native Studies, the departments of Native Studies, Anthropology and Canadian Studies and the Women's Studies Programme.

Posted October 12, 2004


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