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Trent Welcomes Spiderwoman Theatre

Trent University and the Department of Native Studies welcome renowned women's Native theatre company Spiderwoman Theatre to residence and for a series of special events, beginning with a Pine Tree Lecture on October 7 at 10 a.m. in the First Peoples House of Learning performance space.

Spiderwoman Theatre will also officially open the First Peoples House of Learning performance space with its production - Persistence of Memory - October 13 - 16 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $15 each for individuals; $10 each for groups of four or more.

Spiderwoman Theatre, located in New York City, is the oldest continually running, women's Native theatre company in North America. It is a distinguished Native theatre company that has performed worldwide. It is perhaps the longest running Native theatre in the world. In 2004, they are celebrating their 28th year.

Spiderwoman Theatre takes its name from the Hopi goddess Spiderwoman, who taught the people to weave and said, "There must be a flaw in every tapestry so that my spirit can come and go at will." Spiderwoman has prophetic insight into the future, speaks all languages and by nature of being a spider is ever present to give and guide. Spiderwoman Theatre uses storytelling as its basis to interconnect and weave stories and fragments of stories with words, song, music, film, dance and movement to create a complex emotional, cultural and political tapestry in an overlay of interlocking designs.

Lisa Mayo, Gloria Miguel and Muriel Miguel are each founding members of Spiderwoman Theatre. They are sisters, whose ages range from 60-plus to 70-plus. They are the Elders of Native Theatre, and were instrumental in the founding of Native Earth Performing Arts in Toronto, Canada's longest running professional Native theatre. Lisa, Gloria and Muriel have taught story weaving and Native Performance techniques in Native communities and for Native theatre groups across Canada and the United States since the 1970s. Each is a distinguished storyteller, theatre artist and teacher having received recognition from both Native and non-Native communities.

Persistence of Memory

"We have told our stories over our kitchen tables, on our front steps, in our communities, on the stages of New York, Berlin, Auckland and Beijing. Now it is important for us, it is our responsibility, to come home again and share our stories with our young people. They are the generations who will take their stories out into the world of the new millennium and who will create a new legacy for future generations. This is the Persistence of Memory." ... Spiderwoman Theatre

For tickets or further information, call 705 - 748 - 1011 Ext. 7921

Posted October 6, 2004


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