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Shinerama is Canada's largest post-secondary student fundraiser, promoting awareness of cystic fibrosis (CF), and raising money for CF research and treatment programs. This year marks Shinerama's 40th anniversary. While Shinerama began as a shoe-shining campaign in 1964, it has expanded to include a wide variety of shining and non-shining activities under the Shinerama banner.

Annually, more than 35,000 university and college students in over 45 Canadian cities, towns, and communities, participate in Shinerama. In fact, in 2003, 57 schools from coast to coast organized fun events during orientation week, and in some cases, throughout the year, to raise almost $952,000 for the fight against CF – an all-time high. Events held in 2003 include 'Shine Day', car washes, BBQs, raffles, and numerous other events.

Since Shinerama's inception four decades ago, enthusiastic 'Shiners' have banned together to raise almost $15 million to help find a cure or an effective control for this cause we share. Trent University's campaign began at Traill College, and has now expanded to include all colleges as a part of Introductory Seminar Week. Trent University's campaign has contributed more than $100,000 since it began in 1995. This year, we hope to contribute another $23,000.

If you would like to learn more about cystic fibrosis or Trent University's campaign or if you would be interested in contributing to the success of this year's campaign, please visit or contact

Posted August 30, 2004

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