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New Student Orientation: Easing the transition

Since the beginning of July, hundreds of soon-to-be first-year Trent University students and their parents have come to campus to learn about everything from e-mail to the emotions involved in the transition from high school to university.

As the beginning of the academic year approaches, the New Student Orientation Program at Trent is wrapping up, though drop-in sessions are scheduled for Introductory Seminar Week (ISW) - September 6 through 11.

The summer program, which evolves and expands every year, involves an array of departments and services in a daylong itinerary designed to help students and their parents prepare for the fall. Students and their parents or guardians spend the morning separately, but reconnect for lunch and an afternoon program. While students focus on the logistics of what lies ahead, parents learn about what to expect as their sons and daughters make this monumental transition.

Program Co-Ordinator Shannon McNeill says while the day's program is incredibly important, the opportunity for students and their parents to talk to others about to embark on similar journeys has proven invaluable.

"Many are nervous - this is their first introduction to Trent," says Ms. McNeill. "But they get to meet, and talk to people and throughout the day, you see friendships forming."

Offered as part of the program, are opportunities to do everything from registering for classes and signing up for e-mail, to learning about ISW, residence and financial aid.

"We've had extremely positive feedback; it's a good way to find out what to expect. Participants have an opportunity to have almost all their questions answered - the program really does include information on a lot of departments," says Ms. McNeill.

To find out more about the drop-in sessions during ISW, e-mail or call 705-748-1011, ext. 5061. For further information, visit

Posted August 20, 2004

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