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Ozzy and Harriet Successfully Raising New Brood

Ozzy and Harriet, the pair of Ospreys that last year nested on a light standard at the athletics field, have been successfully relocated and have two young birds that are now almost ready to fly.

The nest was removed from the light standard last year after the nesting season was over and saved for relocation. Trent University, in a partnership with the Wetland Habitat Fund, had relocated the nest to a new location near the river. The PUC donated an old telephone pole which was put up and a new platform built on top to accept the old nest.

When Ozzy and Harriet first returned there was a lot of squawking at the fact the nest was not where it was last year, but when they found the nest on the pole located by the river it was instantly accepted. Its that old saying "location location location!"

Posted August 10, 2004

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