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Creating Connections at Trent -- Alumni-Student Mentoring Program

The Alumni-Student Mentoring Program is an online initiative that connects current students with Trent alumni. Through an informal mentoring relationship, students have the opportunity to discover diverse career and academic options by seeking advice from successful individuals working in a variety of fields.

"Trent alumni have experienced life after Trent and in return, are eager to assist current students in their decision making and exploration. They can provide insight on issues like work culture, the benefits of further academic endeavors and breaking into the field. It's an excellent research and networking tool for students," says Career Centre Coordinator, Kristi Kerford.

Trent students and alumni can participate in the program by registering on the Alumni Association's email directory -- an online database the keeps alumni connected to the university in many ways including the mentoring program.  (

Once registered, students can search the database by vocation, degree acquired, location, graduating year or post-graduate education pursuits. The Alumni-Student Mentoring Program is not a formal matching service and all communication is done by email. The duration, commitment, and sustainability of the mentoring relationship is discussed and established by both people -- it can be a single event or an ongoing relationship. When accessed simply as a research tool, it is an effective way for students to find quick answers to their questions.

According to Director of Alumni Affairs, Tony Storey, awareness of the program is growing and individuals are eager to utilize this valuable resource.

"We do know that students are browsing the directory. There is a value in simply seeing what careers the various majors and degrees of alumni can lead to. We also know that recent graduates are using the directory as a networking tool. Recently an alumna received an inquiry about her career in recruitment and marketing. She was thrilled to be contacted!"

Trent alumni are involved in many diverse and unique vocational fields. Having the opportunity to network with and seek advice from knowledgeable graduates who have experienced similar events, can ease the transition from Trent and assist in students' decision making.

For more information on the Alumni-Student Mentoring Program, visit

Posted June 4, 2004


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