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Quicker, More Convenient Computer Access in Bata

The recent installation of 36 new PCs on the main floor of the Bata Library will mean faster, more flexible computer access for Trent University students. These PCs replace all of the older ones as well as add to the current complement.

Bata Library is now home to a total of 102 new computers - all installed since September 2003, says Cristin Lockwood, one of Trent's help desk analysts. Currently there are 44 new computers on the main floor of the library, 54 downstairs, and four on the fourth floor, and the advantages of these computers to students, abound.

Mr. Lockwood explains that first and foremost, these computers are faster; everything students do on these PCs will take place at a quicker pace, including word processing. Students also have access to their shared and personal folders on the network and can print to all of the laser printers in the library. There are currently two high performance laser printers on the main floor and one downstairs in the library.

Students can now also use flash memory cards, due to the convenience of the USB ports on the front of the PCs. These cards are much more dependable than disks and can store much more data, notes Mr. Lockwood, adding a 32MB-memory card can store about the equivalent of 22 disks. As well, the new computers are all equipped to run Windows XP Professional and have newer software like Office XP.

In addition, the Champlain College computer lab has been up and running for a couple months now. It has 30 new computers and a laser printer.

Posted April 22, 2004

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