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Trent's Athletic Complex Receives Defibrillator

Thanks to Kawartha Rotary Save-A-Heart, the first responders on Trent University's athletic staff will be trained in defibrillation; the program will also see a defibrillator housed in the PSB Wilson Athletic Complex.

With a movement toward the placement of more defibrillators in public places, Bruce Emmerton, Trent's sports camp and training supervisor, says it's exciting to be able to participate, and in turn, enhance the standard of care offered at the athletic complex.

"This is a very important initiative - especially in a setting such as ours. We appreciate the assistance of Kawartha Rotary, Base Hospital and the Peterborough Fire Department for making this possible," says Mr. Emmerton. "This equipment is becoming standard in recreation facilities across the province, so it is an honour to be one of the pilot sites for Peterborough."

Mr. Emmerton and several other staff members have been trained as instructors by the fire department and the Lifesaving Society; they will work as instructor trainers to teach other first responders how to use the defibrillator.

Defibrillation involves shocking the heart back into normal rhythm at the earliest possible moment after cardiac arrest.

Posted April 23, 2004

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