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Trent Races on Amsterdam's Amstel River

After only two days on the Amstel River, two Trent University crews competed for the first time in the Heineken Rowing Regatta in Amsterdam. The course consisted of houseboats, lush countryside, and brilliant architecture near the heart of downtown Amsterdam. Rowing is extremely popular in Holland and the fans on bicycles followed their boat of choice down the river.

The women's crew was the first to hit the water.

"The experience was incredible," said Julianna Stonehouse, who stroked for the women's eight. "We had a great group of women, a beautiful course and the Dutch hosts were perfect."

Surrounded by a crowd of spectators, the women's crew finished the five-kilometre race in 23rd place.

The men's boat, stroked by Peter Van Rooijen faced tough competition in a division with 62 boats that included the Dutch National Team. At the end of the five-kilometre race, the men were in a group of three boats racing to the finish. After a difficult morning sprint, the men moved up a position after the last race to finish 42nd overall.

Both crews would like to thank Head Coach Carol Love for all her guidance and Michael Cullen for providing expert advice and taking fabulous photos.

For more results, check:

Trent Races on Amsterdam's Amstel River was written by Joe Teft, a member of the men's boat.

Posted March 31, 2004


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