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Trent's Repartee With Rick Mercer

In talking to Trent University students during his visit to campus on March 22, Canadian comedian and host of CBC Television's Monday Report was heard saying some surprising things…

"Is the idea that I stab you?" Mr. Mercer asked Joe MacDonald, a part-time student. The two bantered back and forth as Mr. MacDonald taught Mr. Mercer how to fence. The jousting continued throughout the afternoon as Mr. Mercer and his crew worked to tape parts of the March 29 Monday Report at the varsity fencing team practice.

"What do I do? How does it go? You can whack me a few times. How many points for that?" said Mr. Mercer, with a sabre in hand.

"I thought he was going to make fun of us, but it was a lot of fun," said Hector Sarne, assistant fencing coach, who served as Mr. Mercer's stunt double for one of the scenes. "We did do some special effects for the camera."

Mr. Mercer, who is best known as the star of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Made in Canada, and Talking to Americans, earlier this month taped Monday Report at Queen's University. Apparently, university life appeals - he came to Trent looking to learn more about who we are and what we do.

In Monday Report, Mr. Mercer travels across the country and talks to Canadians - it also includes a monologue or "rant" on the state of the world. The show highlights his trademark wit, banter, and political satire.

Mr. Mercer spoke to fencer Stephen van der Werl about campus sports, computer games and “mullet” hairstyles.

"It was a normal fencing practice for me, except I was interviewed by Rick Mercer... He came right over to me and I thought that was nice," said Mr. van der Werl, noting he's a huge fan, who never misses the show. "I went red - I wasn't expecting it at all."

Mr. Mercer took the time to pose for photographs with the fencing team and sign autographs. He also asked the students what he should see and do, in Peterborough on a Monday night. The students, having adopted a little of Mr. Mercer's wit, quipped that they would be staying in to watch Monday Report.

"Oh yes, the streets will be bare," Mr. Mercer joked.

After fencing practice, Mr. Mercer spent some time talking to students on the Faryon Bridge about academics, athletics, why they chose Trent, as well as exam preparation.

Click here for photos of Rick's visit to Trent University

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