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Trent University to Host Internationally Renowned Health and Wellness Speaker Patch Adams

Tickets on sale starting Thursday, December 11

As part of a focus on health and wellness, Trent University will host a talk about wellness, laughter, humour and life by internationally renowned speaker Patch Adams, M.D., at 7 p.m. on February 10, 2004 at Showplace Peterborough.

Dr. Adams, who was portrayed by actor Robin Williams in the hit movie Patch Adams, is founder and director of the Gesundheit Institute, a free health facility in operation for fifteen years. Dr. Adams, also known as Patch, adds to his training as a physician, his experience as a street clown. In working with health and mental health professionals, he explores the relationship between humour and therapy using his unique blend of knowledge, showmanship and hands-on teaching techniques. Says Dr. Adams, 'I interpret my experience in life as being happy. I want, as a doctor, to say it does matter to your health to be happy. It may be the most important health factor in your life.' He joyfully believes that 'the most revolutionary act one can commit in our world is to be happy.'

While Dr. Adams will pay a special visit to Trent University, Stewart Engelberg, coordinator of counselling at Trent University, felt that the community should have an opportunity to see the popular speaker. A performance was arranged at Showplace Peterborough and tickets will sell for $25 each.

"Trent University has the unique opportunity to attract individuals of the calibre of Patch Adams," said Mr. Engelberg. "The more we can share these experiences with the community, the better we create opportunities for off-campus education. In this case, entertainment and education go hand-in-hand and I think that the community will get a great deal of enjoyment from Dr. Adams' entertaining approach to health and wellness."

Dr. Adams' talk, entitled Humor and Health, is approximately two and half hours in length and looks at the relationship between humour and the health of the individual, community or society. Funny and inspirational, he also performs and discusses his 30+ years of clowning experience. Tickets for the event are available to the entire community immediately through the Showplace box office at 742-7469.

Posted December 10, 2003

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