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Chancellor Recognizes Convocation Volunteers

Trent University Chancellor Roberta Bondar visited the Symons Campus November 19 to show her appreciation to the more than 300 individuals who make contributions to yearly convocation ceremonies. She extended her thanks to the many areas of the university and the volunteers involved in making preparations for this special day. Volunteers are alumni, faculty and staff members, retirees, and students; they assist in tasks that vary from gowning students, faculty and Board of Governors members to ushering guests.

President Bonnie Patterson spoke briefly at the reception, also thanking contributors for making what she called her favourite day, even more special. Dr. Bondar said she's looking forward to this year's convocation ceremonies and took the opportunity to speak personally with many of the staff and volunteers. With a larger graduating class this year, Dr. Bondar said she is looking forward to "shaking even more hands."

Posted November 20, 2003

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