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OPAS 2003 Visionary Award presented to David A. Dodge

The topic Global Challenges, Canadian Opportunities led Dr. David Dodge, Governor, Bank of Canada, to deliver three key messages as part of the 2003 OPAS Visionary Seminar, delivered November 17 via satellite and webcast to more than 4,000 people from coast to coast. Following his address and a question and answer session, Dr. Dodge was presented with the OPAS 2003 Visionary Award.

At Trent's Otonabee College, close to 30 students, staff, faculty and community members watched the OPAS Visionary Seminar, broadcast live from Ottawa's Carleton University. Trent was one of 30 universities in nine provinces to watch the seventh-annual seminar.

In a world economy that appears destined to become more global in nature, Dr. Dodge firstly encouraged his listeners to "think and act globally," contrary to the adage "think globally, act locally." He spoke to the importance of a "global point of view," citing our advantage as Canadians in having a cultural mosaic that provides us with "an opportunity to understand what's happening around the planet.

"By listening to each other, we learn how to listen to the world," said Dr. Dodge, adding Canada should continue to broaden its horizons, as diversity allows for mutual enrichment that benefits us all.

Secondly, Dr. Dodge spoke of the importance of recognizing the opportunities the world of finance offers. In embracing openness, there is increased need for risk management, though taking advantage of the opportunities that present themselves will create new capital flows. In the last 15 years, through the co-operation of the public and the private sector there have been many advances in risk management that will in turn allow the country to seize the opportunities that come with being more open. In the promotion of stability, countries will have to continue to work together and continue to be open, he added.

Thirdly, Dr. Dodge encouraged his listeners to understand the role of the public sector and the dual responsibility of private and public sectors to work together to create the correct climate for innovation. Those who believe the public sector creates the wealth and the private sector redistributes that wealth, underestimate the public sector's role. In reality, Dr. Dodge says, the public sector has a responsibility to create the right social climate to allow business to flourish, while the public sector is in turn, responsible for innovation. He encouraged the private and public sectors to work to continue to work together.

Dr. Dodge also encouraged students to experience both the private and public sectors in order to make the most valued contributions to each, as well as to take advantage of the opportunities presented by technology. In response to a question, Dr. Dodge stated that Canada's greatest advantage for the future is its students and "all the people who are listening to this broadcast.

"You are the greatest strength; you are the ones that are going to seize the opportunities that are out there," he said. "What I see as the greatest opportunity is the opportunity you all represent."

Dr. Dodge was appointed Governor of the Bank of Canada on February 1, 2001. As Governor, he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank. A native of Toronto, Dr. Dodge received a bachelor's degree (Honours) in Economics from Queen's University and a PhD in Economics from Princeton. During his academic career, he served in various capacities at Queen's, Johns Hopkins University, the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. He also served as Director of the International Program of the Institute for Research on Public Policy. During a distinguished career in the federal public service, Dr. Dodge held senior positions at CMHC, the Anti-Inflation Board, the Department of Employment & Immigration, and the Department of Finance, where he was appointed Deputy Minister in 1992. In 1998, Dr. Dodge was appointed Deputy Minister of Health, where he served until his appointment as Governor of the Bank of Canada.

The Office for Partnerships for Advanced Skills is a partnership of universities and a number of leading companies, as well as Sector Councils and industry associations. OPAS is a national organization, dedicated to advancing Industry/University partnerships through a variety of initiatives and events which promote: lifelong learning, particularly via learning technologies; knowledge transfer from universities to enterprise; and dialogue on labour market issues.

The Visionary Seminar is designed to provide a forum for industry representatives, university faculty and students to join together to assess an informed vision of the future. Previous Visionary speakers have included Ted Rogers (CEO, Rogers Communications Inc.), Jean Monty (then Chief Executive, Nortel), John Sheridan (President, Bell Canada), John Cleghorn (Chairman and CEO of Royal Bank Financial Group), Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-CEO, Research In Motion and A. Charles Baillie (then Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TD Bank Financial Group).

The webcast can still be seen at and the full text is also available there for those who want a print copy. Video copies will be available next week.

Photo 1: Close to 30 Trent University students, staff, faculty and community members watched the 2003 OPAS Visionary Seminar at Trent's Otonabee College via telecast from Carleton University.

Photo 2: President Bonnie Patterson and Bell Canada's Pat Dunne, Account Executive, at the November 17 OPAS Visionary Seminar telecast at Trent.

Posted November 18, 2003

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