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Nursing students squeeze into first year

Trent-Fleming Nursing Program Director Lesley Lewis suspected her more than 150 first-year students to be "team players". And as 24 and-a-half of them worked together to squeeze into a Saturn coupe at their introductory week barbecue, she was proven to be on track.

The students bettered their Wednesday record of 23 in the car at Fleming College, the following day at Trent’s Peter Gzowski College, as part of a contest run by the Peterborough dealership.

"The students are incredibly enthusiastic and motivated," said Prof. Lewis, as they crammed themselves into the car. She added they’re also anxious to start their courses.

In preparation, the students’ skills were put to the test as part of a nursing skills competition. They traveled through an obstacle course that included activities such as finding a pulse, taking a blood pressure and putting on sterile gloves.

The program increased its number of first-year student spaces 45 per cent over 2002/03 and has added three faculty members. This spring, the program’s inaugural class will graduate. For the first time this year, every course in the program will be offered, as there are students in each of the four years of the program.

Lisa Ostrom of Peterborough is a registered practical nurse (RPN) looking to "further her career" as a registered nurse (RN). A Bachelor of Science in Nursing will be required to become an RN by 2005. Meanwhile Alison Duffin, of Brighton, recently graduated from high school and is looking to pursue a career in pediatric nursing.

The program staff, students and faculty have settled into their new home at the Argyle Street location, along with the School of Education and Professional Learning.

"It’s really exciting to be here," says Prof. Lewis. "It’s a new beginning."

Posted September 8, 2003

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