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University works with environmental groups to protect ospreys

Nest to be relocated due to potential fire hazard

In an act of conservation, local contractors worked carefully this morning to remove an osprey nest from on top of a light standard at Trent University’s athletic field. The intact nest will be relocated to alongside the Otonabee River.

The relocation of the nest was planned by the Physical Resources Department in consultation with Kawartha Lakes Friends of the Osprey and Ontario’s Wetland Habitat Fund.

"The weight of the nest on the light standard and the potential fire hazard it caused prompted staff to look into the possibility of its relocation," says John Wordley, director, Physical Resources.

Fondly known as the nest of "Ozzie and Harriet Osprey," Physical Resources staff learned it could safely be moved since were no eggs inside and the baby osprey had taken flight. The nest will be relocated nearby to the riverbank, housed in a platform to be built on top of a 60-foot telephone pole, donated by Peterborough Utilities Services.

It is hoped the ospreys, known to be an adaptable species, will find the new nest nearby before they migrate south in the late fall.

Posted August 29, 2003

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