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Lighting Up The Campus

The thoroughfares at Trent University will soon be a little brighter, as 30 replacement lampposts light up the campus.

The new lampposts, installed along West Bank Drive, Lady Eaton Road and the Faryon Bridge, are replicas of the originals, designed by architect Ron Thom and installed in the mid-to-late 1960s.

"We have not strayed from the original architecture at all," says Bob van Dompseler, of the University’s Physical Resources Department.

Healey Electric Ltd., a local contractor, installed the white-light lampposts that replace their aging ancestors. Their badly rusting bases caused some safety concern on campus. However, the light from the new lampposts will provide improved visibility, as well as security, and were chosen for their cost-effectiveness.

There are approximately 100 lampposts on campus, says Mr. van Dompseler, adding the remainder will likely be replaced in the future.

The new lampposts are expected to be up and running by September 1.

Photo 1: An old lamppost is removed from beside one of the newly installed replicas.

Photo 2: Electrical contractor Dan Healey works on the rusted base of an old lamppost.

Posted August 27, 2003

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