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A Typical Day at the Trent Summer Sports Camp

"I just stepped on a pine cone and swallowed my gum." After doing a stretching exercise, Chris returns to his place with a grin on his face. A participant in the multi-sport program with Trent summer sports camp, Chris was getting ready for a tennis lesson from his counsellor Ziggy.

It’s a typical day at Trent Summer Sports Camp. The popular summer retreat for kids aged (6 – 14) provides three options for the hundreds of campers who attend each week: Multi-sport, Adventure Sport and Explorers.

In Multisport, days are filled with both instructional and recreational sport activities. Campers choose three primary sports to focus on during the session, each with a strong emphasis on sport skill development, fair play and teamwork. Daily swimming, intramural games, and counsellor group challenges provide lots of opportunity to meet new friends.

Explorers provides an introductory leadership program with a super variety of team sports and recreational activities. Campers spend the entire day together as one group and help to plan their own program. Field, hikes, water sports, a cookout and special events are featured each session.

Adventure Sport is a highly-individualized program which focuses on team building and personal leadership through a great variety of outdoor activities like mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, snorkelling, and intramural games. Campers plan and participate in a two-night camping trip.

Erica and Taylor use the archery range and are very excited about the camp. As Explorers, they can choose from a variety of sports to pursue in the afternoon. Snorkelling and basketball are two of their favourite choices. Taylor chooses a basketball tournament and leads his team to a 20-2 victory, sinking four three-pointers.

Grace and her group are setting up their tent in preparation for a three-day camping trip. With the Adventure Sport group, they are the most senior campers and have even more activities to choose from. Grace looks forward to the canoeing trip from Lakefield to Peterborough. After spending an afternoon learning about proper strokes and canoe safety, she can’t wait to get into the boat.

Like so many of the youth that attend Trent Summer Sports camp, Cameron, who is also in the Adventure Sport group, really appreciates the opportunity to choose his activities. So far, his favourite has been body surfing.

Trent Summer Sports Camp continues until August 22. In total, the camp will see 700 participants this summer.

Posted August 6, 2003

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