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Variety Rules the Summer at Trent Athletics

Although a majority of university students have left the campus, Trent Athletics continues a busy schedule of activities. With fewer students, there is a greater opportunity to get involved. Throughout the summer, Trent Athletics will be hosting a variety of programs as well as providing consistent access to regular equipment.

This summer there are nine people working full time for the aquatic department at the P.S.B. Wilson Building. There is more to do than swim in the pool; they also offer Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross classes, as well as community, school and adult swim lessons. As the temperature rises, the pool becomes more inviting, so be sure to stop by and cool off.

The main field is taking a rest after a busy school year in order to be in top shape for the varsity season. This has not stopped sport enthusiasts from using the second field. Throughout the summer there will be a range of activities, from ultimate frisbee to field hockey. The multipurpose room is also a center of activity. Two of the larger groups using this space are the Trent Taekwondo Club and the Youth Fencing Program. Trent University also hosts the Peterborough Summer Volleyball league.

Trent Summer Sports Camp continues this year. Camp Director Bruce Emmerton looks forward to another fully booked season. On Tuesday June 10, Trent University held a Camp Parent Panel where parents gave their input to five different camp directors. A principle discussion focused on the appearance of the counsellors. The parents stated that they would not mind body piercing, tattoos, or colored hair. Through these measures, the parents hope to teach their children open-mindedness and acceptance. Parents seemed to support most of the camp’s decisions thus far, and are eager to start a new camping season. The camp opened on June 22. As the summer progresses, it is important to stay active and involved. Stop by the P.S.B. Wilson Building to have some fun.

Posted July 10, 2003

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