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Trent University Begins Summer Registration Program for New Fall Students

The week of June 16, 2003 saw the first sessions of Trent University’s summer registration program. These sessions, new to Trent this year, teach students about Trent’s new online registration system, MyTrent! and about how to register for fall classes. As well, students receive an information session about university life and what to expect when they arrive this fall.

Although students come to the summer registration sessions to choose courses, the courses they choose are not final. Students are empowered with the knowledge of using MyTrent! to modify courses throughout the summer. This, along with Trent’s Introductory Seminar Week (ISW), ensures that students have the ability to sample a diversity of courses. The Summer Registration staff is reiterating the importance of ISW and its ability to expose students to courses they may never have thought to take.

"If students are having problems choosing their courses or are indecisive about their major, ISW is a perfect opportunity to explore their options because Trent is an interdisciplinary Liberal Arts university that gives students broad experiences in a wide variety of programs," says Janet Pearson, one the Summer Registration staff.

Trent’s Summer Registration is one more way that the University provides services to the students. Through this new program new students are exposed to Trent’s small community and receive one-on-one help with registration.

To date, more than 300 students have signed up for the program and the Summer Registration staff expects that about 1000 more students will attend by the end of the summer. Both parents and students that have attended this week have had positive responses to the program. One student said, "I am a transfer student and as I had additional concerns and questions, I appreciated the extra help that was available to me. Thanks!"

Posted June 26, 2003

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