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Two Trent University Researchers Featured in this Month's Canadian Geographic

Two Trent University researchers have been featured in the May/June issue of Canadian Geographic.

An article entitled Smog Sleuth profiles Dr. Tom Hutchinson, Environmental and Resource Studies, who has been studying the impact of Toronto's smog on vegetation in central and eastern Ontario since 1995. Smog from Toronto is blown by the prevailing winds directly to Peterborough and, as it travels, gains potency through a photochemical reaction. "Now the air over Toronto is frequently better than here," Hutchinson points out. "It's in the rural areas we've got the highest ozone levels."

In the same issue, Unsafe Assumption outlines Gord Balch's (also of Environmental and Resource Studies) research toward understanding the potential threat of fire-retardant chemicals known as polybrominated diphenyl ethers, or PBDEs. PBDEs have recently emerged as the most worrisome environmental contaminants since PCBs, which were banned in North America in 1977.

Click here for the Canadian Geographic website.

Posted May 7, 2003

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