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Around Campus:
A view from the Athletics Complex

When you open the doors to the Athletics Complex, some things that are immediately noticeable include the smell of chlorine, the squeak of running shoes on the gym floor, and the sound of some students playing a pick-up game of basketball. At the centre of all this activity are the people who keep the athletics complex running smoothly - people like student Sarah Stamp.

Sarah is just finishing up her fourth, and final, year of business administration at Trent and can be found at the reception desk about once a week for five and a half hours. Her duties at the desk include taking student cards as students enter the facilities, providing and laundering towels, and answering general questions.

After working at the Athletics Complex for four years, Sarah has no problem balancing her job and school. Working there, she has the opportunity to bring homework with her, but finds that business is busy when she does, and slow when she doesn’t. Her favourite part about working the reception desk is getting to interact with people, especially the seniors who come in and love to chat.

It hasn’t hit Sarah yet that she won’t be coming back to work and study at Trent next year, but she says, "it’s been a good experience" and that she will miss the Athletics Complex once she has graduated.

Posted April 14, 2003

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