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Trent Students Set up Space Station on Bata Podium

A group of Trent University students erected a space station on the Bata Library podium April 2 to raise awareness about the Association of Autonomous Astronauts.

An OPIRG working group is involved with the work of the Association of Autonomous Astronauts, a network of people interested in ideas of community-based space exploration and creative expression. Literature distributed by students at Trent states that the association was formed in April of 1995, to create an "independent, community-based space exploration programme, existing in simultaneous bursts and bubbles across the globe." By rethinking ideas of space and space travel, the Association of Autonomous Astronauts proposes that all men and women can become actively engaged in the discussion of interplanetary travel.

Photo: Students Ashley Crane (sitting) and Sarah MacKillican are part of an OPIRG working group linked with the Association of Autonomous Astronauts.

Posted April 2, 2003

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