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Chancellor’s Dialogues Event Packs Wenjack Theatre

Trent University’s annual Chancellor’s Dialogues, held on Tuesday, March 4, filled the Wenjack Theatre with members of the Trent and Peterborough communities. A high-profile group of panelists (Stephen Lewis, Tom Jackson, Andrew Pyper, Molly Johnson and Bruce Kidd), and well-known moderator Stuart MacLean did not disappoint the crowd. Their discussion of "Peter Gzowski’s Canada" - and whether the Canada that Peter Gzowski portrayed on Morningside was an accurate presentation of our nation - was lively and thought provoking.

"Morningside made you feel like it, whatever it was, was happening in the next room," commented Mr. MacLean in his opening remarks. "He (Peter Gzowski) gave us a clear picture in the mirror we’d been staring at," and helped us see Canada in all its vastness and depth.

Issues of the North, sports, music, literature and politics were discussed, and questions were also accepted from the audience.

Peter Gzowski was the Chancellor of Trent University from 1999 to 2002. In 1999 Mr. Gzowski mediated a session at the University about young writers in Canada, and this event sparked the creation of the Chancellor’s Dialogues. Topics have includes the brain drain, the state of liberal arts and science education, and the ownership of water as a resource. The Chancellor’s Dialogues have reflected Mr. Gzowski’s desire to highlight current issues to the Trent University community, and the broader community, and to be involved in the intellectual dialogue of the University.

Posted March 5, 2003

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