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Consultants assess Trent Centre for Community-Based Education

The Trent Centre for Community-Based Education (TCCBE), located in the old Principal’s Lodge at Traill College, is a place where students can participate in research projects with a community focus. This is an innovative program that forges strong ties between the University and the local community.

TCCBE leaders have always been confident that the program was offering a valuable service to the community, and a recent report compiled by a consulting firm in Guelph, Ontario, confirms that. The report was made possible through funding from the estate of Margery J. Warren.

"The original question, posed by the estate’s trustees, focussed on whether the community-based education program actually does benefit, or has the potential to benefit, community organizations," explains TCCBE Director Jennifer Bowe. "We were eager to undertake a rigorous and independent evaluation of the program, and are delighted with the consultants’ positive findings. This report is a welcome affirmation for those who worked so hard to establish this program, and to strengthen communities in the surrounding region."

Foremost Consulting Services made three major conclusions in their report: that the vast majority of TCCBE projects have been successful, that the program has benefitted community organizations in the way that was intended, and that, from a community perspective, there is a need for the community-based program. The summary describes the TCCBE as "an engine that facilitates the creation of new knowledge and infrastructure that changes the way community organizations do business… and will, ultimately, create improved social, economic and environmental conditions in the community."

Photo: Jennifer Bowe, director of the Trent Centre for Community-Based Education.

Posted March 3, 2003

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