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Anthropology Conference Feb. 20-23 will feature numerous national scholars

Trent University is hosting a four-day Canadian anthropology conference February 20 - 23.

The conference, "Historicizing Canadian Sociocultural Anthropology", has been organized by Trent University and the University of Western Ontario, and will involve many renowned Canadian and American scholars. The aim of the conference is to allow the multiplicity and complexity of the "story" of Canadian anthropology to be articulated.

Presentations throughout the conference will reflect the following themes: "situating ourselves - historically, theoretically, globally"; "constructing our subject(s) - politics and methodologies"; "Canada/United States - connections/comparisons"; "departmental relations - inside and out"; "working local, working global"; and "knowing our past/imagining our future - reflections on historicizing Canadian anthropology". Discussion periods are also scheduled.

All academic presentations and sessions will be held at Catharine Parr Traill College, Trent University (300 London Street, Peterborough). Funding from the Social Sciences Humanities Research Council has made the conference possible, and Trent’s Dr. Julia Harrison and the University of Western Ontario’s Dr. Regna Darnell have been instrumental in organizing the event.

Trent University is also the home of Anthropologica, Canada’s only journal of Anthropology.

Photo: Trent University Professor Julia Harrison, a member of the Anthropology Department, has played a key role in organizing a four-day national conference at the University this weekend.

Posted February 20, 2003

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