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Sierra Club Executive Director To Speak at Trent

Elizabeth May, executive director of the Sierra Club of Canada, will be speaking about water issues at Trent University on Friday, February 21.

Ms. May has worked in her current position at the Sierra Club since 1989 and is passionate about environmental concerns. She is looking forward to speaking in Peterborough, and was last on the Trent campus to deliver a lecture during the 2001/02 academic year.

"Understanding the nature of global hydrology is important," says Ms. May. "We need to think differently about the value of water."

Ms. May cites basic measures such as hand pumps and wells as solutions for developing countries that do not have proper access to clean water. For the developed world, she recommends a new respect for watersheds.

The Sierra Club’s mission is to empower grassroots networks of citizens. As a group, the club addresses a variety of environmental concerns such as biodiversity, toxic chemicals, air quality and the transition to a sustainable economy. Chapters exist in all parts of Canada, and young Canadians can become involved through the Sierra Club’s youth coalition movement. For more information check out

Ms. May’s talk on Friday evening will be held at 7:30 p.m. in the Wenjack Theatre. It is part of a conference for local educators being held this weekend. Called "A Flow of Learning: Water, Youth & Global Education," the conference has been organized by the Kawartha World Issues Centre.

This event is free and open to the public.

Posted February 19, 2003

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