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Vice President Academic Appointed

Dr. Susan M. Clark has been appointed to the position of Vice President Academic and Provost at Trent University.

Professor Clark is an accomplished scholar and administrator who has served in several senior positions in both the university sector and the provincial government in Nova Scotia.

Her academic experiences have centred primarily at undergraduate universities where she has been responsible for wide-ranging and broad portfolios. At Mount Saint Vincent University she served as Dean of Humanities and Professional Development and as a department head. During her ten years at Brock University she served two terms as Vice President, Academic, and a year as Acting President. Currently, she serves as Executive Director of Nova Scotia's Council on Higher Education while on a secondment from Brock University. In all of these roles, she has established positive working relationships with students, faculty, staff, alumni and the communities she has worked in.

Dr. Clark has extensive experiences in the public policy and planning dimensions of higher education. In her academic administrative roles, she has developed a strong commitment to academic excellence, led the development of several important institutes, and continuously has focused on the centrality of students to the purpose of university life.

She initiated the establishment of the Institute for the Study of Women at Mount Saint Vincent University and as Vice President, Academic, the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) at Brock University in order to strengthen research areas that were key to each university's teaching and research objectives. The Institutes, founded on partnerships with other public and private sector organizations, have resulted in a wider exchange of policy and research ideas and created a stronger financial foundation for university research activities.

In these tasks, Dr. Clark developed and enhanced a range of support services such as the offices of research, instructional development and international programs. She has hands-on experience at Brock University in collective bargaining and has been responsible for major services including the registrar's office, student services and the library.

As a professor of sociology, Dr. Clark has a distinguished publishing and research record. She is a recipient of federal and provincial research grants and has published monographs, articles, submitted numerous reports to government department and agencies, and presented numerous papers at international conferences. Professor Clark will be a member of Trent University's Department of Sociology. She completed her Ph.D in sociology at the University of British Columbia, a M.A. in sociology at McMaster University and a B.A. (Honours Social Sciences) at Liverpool University.

Dr. Clark's five-year appointment begins in July 2003. Priority areas as defined in the mandate of this term for the Vice President, Academic, will include Strategic Academic Planning, Research and Development, Quality Programs, and Trent University's academic reputation for teaching and research excellence.

Dr. Clark succeeds Professor Graham Taylor as Vice President, Academic. As a member of Trent University’s Executive Group, Graham has displayed a passion for the value of liberal arts and science education and the importance of quality teaching and research.
He has initiated a number of significant reforms that have directly contributed to the strengthening of the University. Through his leadership the University has made progress towards achieving greater financial stability and is preparing for the double cohort. Mr. Taylor led the reorganization of the Registrar's Office, enhancing our overall strategic enrolment management initiatives, and created the Office of Student Affairs as part of a restructuring of the College system, achieving significant cost savings while preserving Trent's residential college experience. Mr. Taylor also contributed to the negotiation of a new agreement with the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and has played an integral role in the University's Build 2000 and SuperBuild programs. During a time of reform, financial constraint and unprecedented competition between universities for students, faculty and resources, Mr. Taylor has made significant contributions that have advanced Trent University.

Posted January 31, 2003

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