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Trent to host first annual Health Studies Day on Friday, January 31

The Institute for Health Studies at Trent University is hosting the first annual Health Studies Day on Friday, January 31.

Organized to highlight different types of health research that are being conducted at Trent, the program for Health Studies Day encompasses a wide range of speakers and topics. Dr. Rory Coughlan will speak about "dualism and holism in healthcare", Dr. Leslie Kerr will discuss "influences of stress on cancer risk and treatment", Dr. Magda Havas will explore "invisible airwaves and our health", Dr. Ingrid Brenner will address the "impact of exercise on immune function" and Dr. Deborah Kennett will talk about "learned resourcefulness and successful management of chronic pain". Additional Trent professors and researchers will also make presentations throughout the day.

Everyone is welcome to this event. Admission is $7, which includes lunch and refreshments throughout the day. The program begins at 10 a.m. in the Native Studies Lounge at Otonabee College and runs until 4 p.m.

This event is sponsored by Otonabee College, Trent University.

Posted January 30, 2003

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