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Library life:
What it’s like to work behind the desk

The Bata Library is a well-known landmark at Trent University, with its unique design almost seamlessly merging the building with the Otonabee River. It is also a hub of activity for students and faculty, providing space for research, reading and study.

Erin Minnett is a second-year anthropology and sociology student and has been working behind the Bata circulation desk since September. She logs about 10 hours per week and does things like charging and discarding library materials, answering general questions, and pointing people in the right direction.

Erin describes it as a "sweet job" in a relaxed atmosphere. Balancing school and work hasn’t been a problem. In fact, working at the library has made studying more convenient. A greater familiarity with the library call numbers has also come in handy.

Erin’s recommendations for first-year students:

  • Learn TOPCAT well. The computers with yellow signs are already logged on to the TOPCAT system.
  • Take advantage of the reserve materials behind the circulation desk. Professors select and reserve books, articles, and materials that are relevant to their class.
  • Investigate the library’s non-book resources.
  • Make sure to be first in line to grab the comfy leather armchairs.

Overall, Erin is enjoying her Trent experience. She feels the University’s size gives students a chance to excel and know their professors.

Posted January 28, 2003

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