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Prof. Jim Cosgrave wins teaching award

Kevin Spooner, Chair of the CUPE Local 3908-1 Excellence in Part-Time Teaching Award Committee, has announced sociology instructor Jim Cosgrave as the winner of the 2002 Award for Excellence in Part-Time Teaching.

CUPE 3908-1 President, Jill Smith, said it was a pleasure to present the award to Jim Cosgrave, a long-time CUPE member and an important participant in the Trent Team in Oshawa. Ms. Smith, who was the first recipient of this award in 2001 for her teaching in Women's Studies at Trent@Durham and in Peterborough, mentioned how meaningful the award had been to her. "Winning the award changed my life," she said, "People I didn't even know complimented me when I walked across campus. Recognition is something missing in the lives of most part-time faculty members and this award not only acknowledges our abilities in the classroom, but also our contribution to the life of the University as a whole."

Jim Cosgrave has taught at Trent for the past six years. Below is a statement of his personal pedagogy:

"I began teaching at Trent/UCD in 1996, while working on my Ph.D. in the Social and Political Thought Programme at York University. I completed the Ph.D. in 1999, and have been teaching a variety of sociology courses, including the core course Classical Sociological Theory, at UCD on an ongoing basis. I was attracted to sociology and social theory as an undergraduate, and went on to work in the areas of interpretive sociology and sociology of culture for my graduate work. I view sociology not only as a discipline that provides frameworks for understanding and examining the social basis of our everyday lives, but also as a way of thinking that challenges conventionality and common sense. I enjoy being able to communicate the ways in which sociology can help us make sense of our lives and, in particular, by encouraging students to see the links between the theoretical and the everyday."

The students who nominated Cosgrave emphasized his ability to bring sociology to life for them.

Any member of the Trent University part-time faculty can be nominated by their colleagues, students, or by support staff to receive the award. The award committee is composed of faculty, student, and staff representatives. In February, nomination forms will be distributed throughout the University for this year's competition. There is a $600 cash prize attached to the award.

For information contact:
Box 9 CC, Trent University, Peterborough, ON, K9J 7B8
Ph: 705.748.1101 (ext. 1759) / Fax: 705.748.1134 /

Photo: CUPE 3908-1 President Jill Smith presents Jim Cosgrave with his award.

Posted January 23, 2003

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