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From St. Lucia to Canada:
Student Giannetti George loves winter at Trent

"I had never seen snow before I came to Trent, and it is amazing!" says second-year Biology major Giannetti George. "I love the texture, like powder, under my shoes when I walk."

Ms. George hails from the southern countryside of St. Lucia, a Caribbean island situated midway down the eastern Caribbean chain of islands, between Martinique and St. Vincent, north of Barbados. Her family home looks out over a turquoise, tropical ocean, and is close to mountains and plains.

"I think it is the most beautiful place on earth," smiles Ms. George as she talks about her home country. She loves the landscape, the people and the fruit that grows plentifully throughout the island, particularly figs.

"When people find out I’m from St. Lucia, they always say that I must dislike the winter here in Canada," says Ms. George. "I tell them I love it, and I’m always excited when I hear that snow is in the weather forecast. My housemates think I’m crazy!"

Ms. George taught at the elementary school level for eight years in St. Lucia before coming to Trent to pursue her undergraduate degree. She plans to finish her honours degree and then teach in a high school on her home island.

"I’ve always wanted to be a scientist," she says enthusiastically, adding that she is very pleased with her studies at Trent.

Posted January 9, 2003

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