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Fitness for the New Year

Remember that famous quote by Oscar Wilde: "I can resist everything except temptation"? Well, for many people who have made new year’s resolutions related to health and wellness, this statement might capture the spirit of angst that could surface in January.

You know how it goes. On January 1, you are firmly committed to whatever you have pledged. To drink more water. Or work out regularly. By perhaps mid-January your resolve begins to weaken. You’ve missed a few early morning visits to the weight room. Or you can’t kick the chocolate habit you cultivated in December. By February your resolutions have crumbled and you’re back to life as you knew it in 2002.

The Athletics and Recreation Department is hoping to inspire more members of the Trent community to commit to healthy living this year, and is aiming to help you stick to your improved-lifestyle guns. Four new fitness programs have been designed and will commence on January 13, just in time to keep your enthusiasm revved and your resolve strong.

Personal trainer Glenn Miller will lead interval training sessions in the gymnasium. Several stations will be set up, and participants will spend timed intervals at each station. Cardio work will be mixed with muscle toning exercises, providing a full body workout set to upbeat music. The lively atmosphere of these classes will be enhanced by group participation.

Row Fit promises to be a popular class. Using ergometer rowing machines, an instructor will guide participants through a workout, simulating a rowing session on the water. Rowing team members have been trained as instructors for these classes, which will be similar in form to the spin classes offered at many health clubs. This program is designed for people of all fitness levels, because individual participants can vary the intensity of their workouts within the parameters set by the instructor.

A four-week course will be offered as an introduction to weight training, and will help participants understand the safe and effective use of weight room equipment. Strength training is an important component of any fitness program, making this class valuable for anyone who would like to improve tone and strength.

The fourth new program to be offered in January is yoga, which has been requested by many patrons of the Athletics Complex. Melissa McLaughlan, a local yoga instructor, will lead three classes each week, focussing on stretching and strengthening the body in a gentle way.

Aquafit, which has been offered at Trent for several seasons, will continue, and there will be many options for classes at the Allan Marshall Pool.

The schedule for all of these programs is posted on the Athletics and Recreation Department Web site, at, and paper copies can also be obtained at the Athletics Complex. All classes begin the week of January 13, 2003. To participate, a one-time fee ($15 or $20, depending on student/staff status) will allow unlimited access to all classes, and registration opens January 6, 2003.

For more information about these, or any other, fitness programs, please call the Athletics and Recreation Department office at 748-1257.

Photo: Campus Recreation Coordinator Sue Robinson teaches a mini-aquafit lesson to Brayden Hamilton-Smith, Alyssa Bedore and Lindsay Byrick to promote the new winter fitness programs available at the Athletic Complex.

Posted January 3, 2003

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