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A helping hand:
Crimestoppers program is active at Trent

Crimestoppers is well known as a program that allows citizens to anonymously submit tips about crimes to the local police. The program works on a province-wide basis, and programs are also active in many high schools. Now members of the Trent community can participate in a University program, as well.

This is the second year that a Trent program has been operational. Peterborough police officers Bob Campbell and John Magee explained this, and many other things about Crimestoppers, to a group of students and staff on Thursday, December 5.

Mr. Campbell told the group that a few years ago a Trillium grant was secured to look at the campuses at Trent and Sir Sandford Fleming College. A committee was formed, involving representatives from both post-secondary institutions. Deb Gelderland (of the Queens-Trent Teacher Education program) represented the University.

The program for both campuses involves a close working relationship between the police and campus security officers. When a call is received about an occurrence on campus, the police immediately contact security officers and jointly determine a course of action.

Mr. Campbell has been promoting the Crimestoppers program by broadcasting information about the "crime of the week" on Trent Radio. As well, photocopies of those crime reports are distributed to each residential college.

If someone on campus knows any details associated with crimes - crime of the week or otherwise - they can call 745-9000 or 1-800-222-TIPS. These lines are open 24 hours a day and information is taken in strict confidence. Anonymity is guaranteed and callers are issued confidential code numbers. Those numbers are used to pass rewards on to callers, if a tip leads to the successful conclusion of a case.

"We have three partners for this program - the police, the media and the public," says Mr. Campbell. "A board of 20 volunteers runs this program, which belongs to the community."

Anyone interested in learning more about Trent’s Crimestoppers program can call the Security Office or pick up a brochure at Blackburn Hall.

Photo: Peterborough police officer Bob Campbell explained the Trent Crimestoppers program to a group of students and staff on Thursday, December 5.

Posted December 6, 2002

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