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A Celebration of the Humanities:
Research Day Features Talks by Trent Professors

Trent University’s annual Humanities Research Day will take place this year on Wednesday, December 11, and will feature several presentations by Trent professors.

Key lectures include "The Modern Confessional: Anglo-American Religious Groups and Lay Psychotherapy" by Prof. Alison Falby; "No Place Like Home: Gender, Family and the Politics of Home-Care in Post-World War II Ontario" by Prof. Jim Struthers; "Writing on the Edge of Time: Reading Browning in Old Age" by Prof. Suzanne Bailey; "Taking Places: Subjects and Territories in Quebecois Women’s Literature" by Prof. Sylvie Berard; "The Reconstruction of Emotion from Texts: A Medieval Example" by Prof. Roy Hagman; "Living Words: Racialization and Nationalism in Japanese-Canadian Writing" by Prof. Maggie Quirt; "Disrupting Toronto’s Raving Bodies: Politicizing the Myth of Freedom within Rave Culture" by Prof. Charity Marsh; "Colonial Constructions: Landscape and Citizenship in the Province of Canada" by Prof. John Walsh; "The Keeping Place: Walter Benjamin in the Arctic" by Prof. Jonathan Bordo; and "The Public Faces of Modernism" by Prof. John McIntyre.

Principal of Traill College, Prof. Michael Peterman, and Dean of Arts and Science Christine MacKinnon will be on hand to open the day’s program.

Lunch is available for $7 in the Traill College Dining Hall. Please register for lunch, in advance of December 11, by calling the Traill College office at 748-1736.

Organized as a celebration of the humanities, this event will be held at the Traill College Lecture Hall from 9:30 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. The entire program is free and open to the public.

Posted December 4, 2002


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