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Creating a new vision for athletics and recreation

Students, staff, faculty and community groups are being asked to help create a new vision for athletics and recreation at Trent University.

Seven public input sessions have been planned. Participants are able to engage in group discussions and articulate ideas about athletics and recreation. They are able to make suggestions about improving facilities, expanding programs and securing financial support. They are also able to initiate discussion about broader issues of health and wellness within the Trent University setting.

Trent Athletics and Recreation staff Bill Byrick and Bruce Emmerton have organized the sessions. They report that three meetings have already taken place. These sessions have been fruitful, and it is expected over 150 people will participate, in total.

Mr. Byrick is excited about the possibility of building on the excellent long-standing base of programmes offered at Trent, and integrating new opportunities utilizing the wonderful land surrounding the campus.

Over 70 per cent of Trent students use the Athletic Complex facilities, and 13 per cent of the student population participates in varsity sports. These numbers are exceptionally high for a Canadian university, indicating the need for a strong, well-rounded athletics program.

Anyone interested in participating in a public input session, or in submitting written comments, can contact the Athletics Complex at 748-1257. Mr. Byrick can be reached at 748-1011, ext. 1252.

Posted November 22, 2002

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