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My Trent! Goes OnLine

On Monday, November 11, My Trent! ( went live on the Trent University Web site. My Trent! is a fully secure online service where students, using their confidential user ID and password, can login and get up-to-date information regarding their status at Trent.

The information on My Trent! is currently view-only and includes personalized class schedules, grades, averages by term, course lists and transcript request status. Within the next few weeks students will be able to add/drop courses and change their address information in their personal files while logged in to My Trent! By mid-January, mid-term and fall final grades will be available online. The current Course Drop/Add form will be available for students who are unable to make course changes using My Trent! In March and April, continuing students will pre-register for courses that start in September 2003 and will also be able to register for summer session courses. Plans are in the works for new students who will be starting in September 2003 to register via the Web.

"Some forms such as course requests are submitted in writing and mistakes can be made as a result of illegible handwriting and data entry typos," says Don Giles, from the Office of the Registrar. "Students are already coming in to verify their information. For example, if a mistake has been made and a student is registered for a course that they are not attending, this could go unnoticed until after the student received their marks. Now, the student can log in to My Trent! and double check all of their pertinent information themselves."

Mr. Giles is one of the driving forces behind getting My Trent! up and running, along with John Casserly, Computing Services, who handles all the software issues. Chris Los, Computing Services, has been managing the hardware.

Login information for My Trent! has been available since last week. Oshawa students can obtain their personal login information from the Trent University office at Durham. Peterborough JBC students should go to the JBC office in Blackburn Hall. All other students can pick up their login information at the Office of the Registrar between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Be sure to bring your student card and proper identification. Please note that you must pick up your own login information.

Any difficulties using My Trent! will be handled by the Help Desk ( So far, the Help Desk has received only nine e-mails regarding the use of My Trent! John feels that this is a testament to the ease-of-use of the new application. "Out of the nine e-mails, several were lost passwords. Since we know that between 1500-2000 students have already picked up their user ID and password, that is a fairly high success rate. And, as of Sunday, November 17, My Trent! had logged over 1795 visits."

Posted November 21, 2002

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